11 Oktober 2012

The Second Saab 340 AEW Aircraft was Handed Over to RTAF

11 Oktober 2012

Saab 340 AEW-Airborne early warning aircraft (photo : TAF)

Air Force Chief of Staff Adm. Pramwy lead the handover ceremony of the second airborne early warning aircraft Saab 340 AEW from Sweden to RTAF on October 10, 2012.

Saab 340 was the first AEW aircraft for the Royal Thai Air Force, and the Royal Thai Air Force is just one of two Southeast Asian nations with Singapore Air Force with early warning aircraft into service.

Saab 340 AEW is a virtual eye on the horizon for the Royal Thai Air Force and Thai military forces. The capabilities in the detection in  range of 350 km with Erieye system radar which mounted on the body, making it possible to detect a variety of targets. Saab 340 AEW can also send the information to the unit commander captured within instantly. The supervisor can see the movement in action to fully and timely.

The Air Force had previously contained a versatile 6 fighter Gripen 39 C/D aircraft equipped with 1 Saab 340 AEW Airborne Early Warning aircraft and 1 Saab 340 air transport aircraft and stationed at Squadron 7.

And in 2013 the Swedish FMV (Forsvarets Materil Verk or Defence Materil Administration) the versatility 6 Gripen 39 C/D will be sent to the Air Force to complete Division 7 again.

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