10 Oktober 2012

Ukraine Unveils New Wingtip EW Pod for Flankers and Fulcrums

10 Oktober 2012

Sorbsiya Electronic Warfare pod (flankers site)

Ukraine's Radionix showed off a new containerised version of its Omut electronic warfare (EW) jammer for the first time at the AviaSvit Ukrainian national air show.

The original Omut system shown two years ago was designed for internal carriage aboard MiG-29 ('Fulcrum') and Su-27 (Flanker) aircraft, while the new configuration is for installation on the wingtip stations of an aircraft, which is the more traditional location for the Su-27.

The unit was designed by Radionix in Kiev, but production of some of the hardware is carried out in partnership by the radar production plant in the city of Khmelnitsky in western Ukraine.

Export variants of the Su-27 have previously been equipped with a two-podded external installation of the L203 Gardenia jammer designed by the Moscow-based Scientific Research Institute of Radio Technology (TsNIRTI). Soviet – and later Russian – Air Force Su-27s were equipped with the more capable Kaluga Scientific Research Institute of Radio Technology L005S Sorbsiya EW pod.

Radionix' Omut jammer addresses important shortcomings of the L203-series jammers, according to a Radionix designer. "One is that the version of the Gardenia jammer designed for the MiG was the TsNIRTI L203B model, which, although mounted internally to the aircraft's fuselage, had an extremely low MTBF [mean time between failure rate]."

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