09 Juli 2013

Air Force Began Considering Replacement of L-39ZA/ART Aircraft

09 Juli 2013

RTAF L-39ZA/ART fighter/trainer aircraft (photo : TAF)

ThaiArmedForce.com. - Air Force is beginning to consider alternative options for replacement of L-39ZA/ART with approximately 3 candidates.

Sources from the industry say, The Air Force is considering replacement of fighter/training aircraft L-39ZA/ART. The aircraft L-39ZA/ART has been used a long time and  the has been repaired  to extend life twice. Currently, the Air Force station the aircraft in 401 Division 4 at Takhli and  411 Division 41 at Chiang Mai. 

Is expected to advanced training aircraft in the Air Force is T-50 Golden Eagle from the Korea Aerospace Industry-Korea, M-346 Master of the Italian company Alenia Aermacch and L-15 Falcon of Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation of China. 

Also not clear how many aircraft will provide the Air Force. However, there is a possibility that the supply to Air Force is divided into phase. 

KAI had an interview at the Farnborough Airshow in 2012, that the company is looking for opportunities to export T-50 to Thailand and Chile. And before that time the president Lee Myung Bak of South Korea has signed military agreements between Thailand and South Korea during the summit Nuclear month in March 2012. 

Last year, Alenia Aermacchi began proposed the feasibility of M-346 aircraft for the Thailand Air Force.

The Air Force is expected to announce the winner until the year 2014.


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