02 Juli 2013

The Next Vietnam Submarine Hunter : C295, P3C or PX

02 Juli 2013

 C-295 ASW (photo : Airbus Military)

(DVO)-To enhance maritime patrol and submarine hunting in the South China Sea, Vietnam is planning to equip the modern submarine hunting aircraft.

According Learn defense market (Market Intelligence Defense), Navy Vietnam are looking to buy a navy patrol plane new, but Vietnam is still not satisfied with the proposed P-3C Orion from the U.S., except when an embargo decreed Vietnam weapons for the U.S. government to be implemented.

Currently Vietnam Ministry of Defense is considering a number of naval patrol aircraft modernization, which includes Airbus Military C-295 (Europe), the Lockheed P-3 Orion Marin (America) and the type of PX Japan. However, like the U.S., Vietnam can only buy aircraft patrolling the Tokyo Japanese export policy change to their weapons.

Aircraft Kawasaki XP-1 submarine hunting by Japanese manufacturing (PX aircraft renamed XP-1). On 28/9/2007, XP-1 prototype first flew successfully. 3/2010, Kawasaki has delivered 4 the XP-1 for the Japanese Ministry of Defense test. XP-1 is designed to perform multiple tasks including maritime patrol, reconnaissance, hunting submarines, surface ships and combat search and rescue. XP-1 38m long, wingspan of 35.4 m, 12.1 m high, maximum takeoff weight of 79.7 tons.

According to the initial information, XP-1 is equipped with avionics systems ultra modern including phased array radar system electronically Toshiba HPS-206; detection system from novelty; detection system the infrared signal. With this system allows XP-1 detects all targets on the sea and under the sea.

P-3C Orion (photo : jetwash)

XP-1 was designed in the body cavity and 8 wing pylons carrying a total of 9 tons of weapons including anti-ship missiles AGM-84 Harpoon, ASM-1C, AGM-65, anti-submarine torpedoes MK-46 , Type 97, torpedoes, bombs. XP-1 equipped with four jet turbine blades push F7-10 allows a maximum speed of 996km / h, range 8,000 km and service ceiling 13.520m.

Besides hunting ground plane PX, the leading candidate is known for the choice of Vietnam's P-3 Orion. Aircraft P-3 Orion submarine hunter capable of carrying a variety of weapons for a variety of different tasks both at sea and on the total weight of 9 tons with anti-ship missiles such as the AGM-84H / K Harpoon, AGM- 84E SLAM, missiles, AGM-65F Maverick on land, Mk-46 torpedoes, Mk-50, Mk-54.

A standard operational squadron P-3C Orion aircraft with 11 people, including three pilots, two flight officers naval surveillance, flight 2 technicians, 3 officers operating equipment and an engineer reconnaissance general technicians. The task is mainly anti-submarine, equipped with P-3C many modern reconnaissance equipment such as sonar DIFAR, detection equipment from the unusual (MAD) ... The information collected will be transferred to a central computer, which will analyze, store, send or commanders to operate automatic weapons on the plane.

Vietnam Info interested in aircraft P-3 Orion submarine hunter was the program director of naval patrols of Lockheed Martin, Mr. Clay Fearnow confirmation. While Lockheed Martin representatives spoke about Vietnam is looking forward to the attention of his P-3 Orion, then the representative of Airbus Military, said Vietnam was also considering buying aircraft variant C -295 of their anti-submarine patrols, but then the plan has been delayed for a long time. However, the relationship of defense cooperation between Vietnam and the European companies are also quite cozy, typical Coast Guard forces have ordered 3 patrol aircraft CASA C-212's and Airbus are considering buy 3 transport aircraft C-295 of Indonesia.

Japanese XP1 (photo : robin117)

Before Vietnam information can be equipped aircraft plot P-3 Orion submarine hunter has been the subject for many foreign newspapers comment. According to Eastern China's leading source of Web site Jane's Defense Weeklycho said: "Regardless of using P-3 Orion to defend its sovereignty over the South China Sea to the defense, the aircraft hunting ground will bring to Vietnam Men leap "from no to yes".

Oriental Report comment further: "For nature is an important strategic diplomatic Vietnam, patrol aircraft P-3C submarine hunting the old one can improve relations with the U.S., on the other hand can be the potential value - owns advanced electronic systems of the U.S., and may also defending the South China Sea ... ".

Meanwhile, under the title "Vietnam plans to buy U.S. weapons," Voice of Russia, said: "Vietnam is expected to suggest the U.S. government through an agreement to provide patrol aircraft Navy's P-3 Orion Lockheed Martin, a senior official of the company said. "

Content article said Speaking at the exhibition LAAD Defense and Security 2013 took place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the program director of naval patrols of Lockheed Martin, Mr. Clay Fearnow said: " Vietnam Navy has expressed great interest in the P-3 aircraft and the U.S. government to support the new agreement are progressing. " He stressed Fearnow, if the contract was signed, the company Lockheed Martin for Vietnam will be selected P-3C aircraft last, because these are aircraft equipped with advanced technology nhat.P-3C Orion is not only capable of hunting submarines but also destroy targets both on water and on land targets ... "

Thus, if the presence of the P-3C Orion U.S. production by the South China Sea became a reality will certainly change the geopolitical and regional military addresses.


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