24 Juli 2013

Defense Ministry Will Order PTS-4 in 2014

24 Juli 2013

PTS-4 amphibious transporter (photo : kbtm-omsk)

The Russian Defense Ministry is planning to include a new middle transporter PTS-4 in defense procurement in 2014, according to RIA Novosti . What is the number of machines can be purchased in the coming year and how much you plan to spend on them, is not specified.

According to the agency, the military were satisfied with booking cars, as well as the presence of her anti-aircraft machine gun with remote control and ammunition at 400 rounds. PTS-4 is equipped with a multi-fuel engine producing 840 horsepower. Weight transporter is 33 tons and 12 tons of load capacity ─ on land and 18 tons of water. With such a load machine is capable of speeds up to 60 and 15 kilometers per hour, respectively.

When creating a new conveyor used serial components and assemblies of existing tanks. In particular, TCP-4, and used caterpillar torsions from T-80, and the clutches and gears of the T-72. Patency conveyor land is comparable to that of T-80. The transport compartment PTS-4 can take any infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and trucks.

Development of PTS-4 is Design Bureau of Transport Engineering of the Corporation "Uralvagonzavod", since 2009. Earlier it was reported that the machine is fully ready for production. In 2011, the PTS-4 passed state tests. The troops will replace the outdated transporters amphibious PTS-3 created on the basis of the T-64 and TCP-2. The exact number PTS-4, planned to purchase within the state armaments program will be determined in the autumn of 2013.


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  1. Pemerintah kalau bisa bekerja sama dg Rusia mengembangkan PTS-4 sangat bagus utk medan Indonesia, PTS-4 dpt dimanfaatkan utk pengembangan alutsista yg lebih modern dan tdk ada salahnya melalui PT Pal utk segera merealisasikan kerjasama tsb. Salam...................