28 Desember 2013

"Hanoi" Submarine Visits Singapore

28 Desember 2013

Rolldock Sea heavy transport vessel 142 m long, 24 m wide, has about 7,000 tons of payload (photo: Marinetraffic)

The first of six Kilo -class submarines that the Vietnam Navy bought from Russia visits Singapore this morning on the way to the port of Cam Ranh.

The ship is named HQ182 Hanoi transport by ship transport of super critical of Dutch Rolldock Sea. Departing from the port city of Saint Petersburg (Russia) 15/11 yesterday after handing over 4 days earlier techniques, Rolldock Sea vessels along the Atlantic Ocean, around the Cape of Good Hope at the southern most tip of Africa and into the Indian Ocean, then cross- Straits and Singapore had, before emptying into the South China Sea to the north and to go to Cam Ranh, expected later this week .

According Marinetraffic.com website dedicated to providing information on international voyages ships at the end of the day 27/12, company information that is received at 5 pm on 26/12 (UTC , the same day ie 13 hours Singapore time) for Rolldock ships or Adaman sea was on the beach in the Pacific and toward the Strait of Malacca. With a speed of 13.9 knots (equivalent to 25.74 km/h), predict Marinetraffic.com Rolldock Sea ship will docked in Singapore for about 20 hours on 27/12 (UTC, ie 4am in Singapore 28/12).

The road Rolldock Sea ship from the Atlantic Ocean through the Indian Ocean and the Strait of Malacca to the time of day 17 hours 37 minutes 27/12 (Singapore time, ie 16 hours 37 minutes now VN)-(image : ThanhNien)

Meanwhile, discussions with Youth, Antoine Albert, CEO of the Asia - Pacific exactEarth Company (Canada) in Singapore, said early yesterday afternoon, the ship was in the Malacca Strait Sea Rolldock located near the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur northwest. ExactEarth company is dedicated to providing identifying information automatically via satellite (AIS) for ships around the world. ExactEarth satellites recorded at day 13 hours 32 minutes 27/12 (Singapore time), Rolldock Sea ship at coordinates 03o11'20" North and 100o29'49'' 'East, about 230 nautical miles from Singapore. Then, ship speed of 14.7 knots (ie 27.22 km/hour). "If you keep this speed, the ship will not come before 6 am on Singapore 28/12, Singapore time," Antoine said.

Telephone exchange with Youth from Vietnam, a Defense Ministry officials said the Rolldock Sea ship had to refuel. Department of Defense not to appoint a vessel through Singapore. Vietnam Defence Attaché in Singapore Truong Dien Bien also said that he did not pick up unknown ship docked and will ship based in Singapore for how long.

Answering the question why not ship HQ182 Hanoi self in Vietnam, the Ministry of Defense officials explained that as announced with the international community, Vietnam submarines will operate mainly in the the sea and the exclusive economic zone of our country .

Kilo Hanoi HQ - 182 is the first of six diesel submarines - 636 Kilo -class power modern dubbed the "black hole ocean" that Vietnam ordered from Russia. This ship was first launched in May 8.2012 and has undergone a series of successful trials at sea.


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