25 Desember 2013

Military to Test New Rocket Launchers

25 Desember 2013

BM-21 rocket launcher (photo : Militaryphotos)

Royal Cambodian Armed Forces troops will become familiar with a variety of new weapons during a five-day military exercise beginning on Friday.

Lieutenant General Eth Sarath, RCAF’s deputy commander in charge of military training, said the exercise will focus on practising using the newly purchased multi-rocket BM-21 launcher and tanks.

The exercises will employ about 20 of the BM-21s and 19 tanks.

“Military exercises are like sport,” Sarath said. “We need to train and exercise monthly or yearly, particularly with new equipment.”

In a statement, RCAF warned people in Phnom Srouch district, where the base is located, and nearby Borseth and Samrong Tong districts to stay clear of the exercise and to expect loud explosions.

(Phnom Penh Post)

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