23 Desember 2013

PA Boosts Firepower with New 81-mm Serbian-Made Mortar

23 Desember 2013

The 81-mm mortar on display at AFP's 78th Anniversary (photo : Mckoyzzz)

MANILA, Dec. 20 (PNA) -- The Philippine Army (PA) fire support capability has gotten a significant boost with the arrival and deployment of the new 81-mm Serbian made mortar which was put into display during the AFP's Thanksgiving Day Thursday.

Capt. Anthony Bacus, Army spokesperson, said their newest mortar has a bore length of 1455 mm and weighs 47.1 kilograms. When fitted with its beechring, the weapon has a weight of 16.6 kilograms. It also has a bipod weight of 13.5 kilograms.

Around 100 units are now in service with various PA units.

Bacus said the Serbian made 81-mm mortar can be fired without sighting corrections at 20 rounds per minute, and 15 rounds with sight corrections.

He added that it can fire high explosive rounds and smoke shells at a range of 5,070 meters and illuminating mortar shells for 3,644 meters.


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