25 September 2015

OCEA Prepares Delivery of the Second Indonesian Oceanographic Vessel

25 September 2015

KRI Spica 934 oceanographic vessel (all photos : Mer et Marine)

Floated by OCEA at Les Sables d'Olonne on August 3, the second Oceanographic vessel for the Indonesian Navy is completing its tests, while the manufacturer was training his crew which arrived in France last month.

As part of this sea trial test, the KRI Spica rebounded yesterday to Brest, and then return for its delivery. Expected in October departs to Indonesia and normally will arrive by November.

The OCEA 190 SC-WB type vessel has 60.1 meters long and 11.5 meters wide. This is the sistership of KRI Rigel, floated by OCEA in March and up to Jakarta on May 14 after traveling 8,300 miles.

(Mer et Marine)

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