28 September 2015

Russia's T-50 5th Generation Fighter Jets to Enter Service in 2017

28 September 2015

Russia’s Sukhoi T-50 fifth generation prototype fighter jets will enter into service with the Russian Armed Force in 2017, Russian Air and Space Forces Commander Col. Gen. Viktor Bondarev told reporters Saturday. (photo : Vladislav Perminov)

AKHTUBINSK (Astrakhan Region)(Sputnik) — The T-50 is currently undergoing flight tests that have so far been successful, Bondarev said. Previous reports stated that the aircraft would enter into service in 2016.

“Under the program, we will finish testing next year and will begin to receive the T-50 jets in 2017," Bondarev said.

According to Bondarev, the aircraft fully meets the requirements.

The T-50 prototype aircraft is designed by the Russian Sukhoi aircraft manufacturer for the PAK FA, a fifth-generation fighter program of the Russian Air Force.

The fighter jet is expected to become the first operational stealth aircraft for the Russian Air Force and will incorporate advanced avionics and all-digital flight systems.


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