25 September 2015

SU-100 of Vietnam : 70 Years Still Runs Fine

25 September 2015

SU-100 (Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 100) self-propelled anti-tank gun (photos : BaoDatViet, Soha)

Development by Sovyet Union from the last years of World War 2, artillery SU-100 is still performing well in a number of countries, including Vietnamese Army.

SU-100 is a best self-propelled anti-tank gun in the 2nd World War was developed by the Soviet Union in late stage war based on Su-85 platform.

SU-100 platform uses the base frame of medium tank T-34-85, the maximum weight of 31.6 tons, 9,45m long, 3m wide, 2,25m high, operated by 4 person combat team.

Armored vehicles before using 75mm cannon, 35mm thick side armor and roof 20mm thinnest.

SU-100 self-propelled artillery gun barrel equipped with powerful twisted 100mm D-10S is capable of penetrating 125mm thick armor to perpendicular to the ground at a distance of 2 km, inclined 85mm armor penetration of Panther tanks (Germany) in 1.5km.

This means that the SU-100 may be do out of action any German tanks at that time, this has been nicknamed "Pizdets vsemu", roughly translated as "the end of everything."

SU-100 equipped with a 12 cylinder diesel V-2-34 capacity of 500 horsepower for a maximum speed of 48km/h, a range of 320km.

Similar to many other weapons systems, SU-100 are widely exported to Socialist brothers countries after World War 2, including Vietnam - used in the war against America.

Until today, SU-100 is still in service in the Vietnamese People's Army.

Although SU-100 has 100 mm cannon was no longer viable with modern tanks, but it still can penetrate armor of light tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carrier and other vehicles.

SU-100 is very well preserved by Vietnamese Army and are always in a state of combat readiness.


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