18 September 2015

US Donates 501 Units of CBRN Equipment to PHL

18 September 2015

Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) equipment for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (photo : Xinhua)

MANILA (PNA) --- The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) received 501 pieces of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) response equipment from the US Defense Treat Reduction Agency (DRTA) Thursday.

The equipment was formally received by AFP deputy chief-of-staff Edgar Fallorina during ceremonies at the General Headquarters Canopy, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City

The CBRN equipment arrived in the Philippines last Sept. 6.

Obtaining the new equipment is part of the AFP’s efforts of realizing provisions of the AFP CBRN Capability Development Roadmap 2028, which is in line with the AFP Transformation Roadmap.

The donated equipment include individual personal protective equipment (like several pieces of protective suits, gloves and boots), self-contained breathing apparatus, decontamination items (like flexible waste water tank and various types of water hoses), consumable support items, reusable support items (like toolbox and bolt cutter), technical/training reference materials, power supply facilities, team communications items and other materials.

The equipment will be used by the CBRN Platoon, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion (EOD Bn), Army Support Command (ASCOM), for their on-going training at Fort Andres Bonifacio, Metro Manila and future deployment that will require CBRN capabilities.

Around 35 members of the CBRN Platoon, EOD Bn, ASCOM, are undergoing refresher trainings at the Basic First Responder Course with CBRN Module in Fort Bonifacio. The training started Sept. 16 and will end on Sept. 19.

The CBRN Platoon is undergoing the refresher training to ensure that they have retained their knowledge of previous training they received in Aberdeen, Maryland with the United States Armed Forces last August. 


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