24 September 2015

TERREX 2 Make Its Debut at DSEI 2015

24 September 2015

 Terrex 2 amphibious IFV (photos : shephard, snafu solomon)

ST KINETICS Unveils the New TERREX 2 8X8 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle at DSEI 2015

London – ST Kinetics has unveiled the TERREX 2, the newest addition to its stable of proven armoured platforms, at DSEI 2015.  The TERREX 2 is a cutting-edge 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicle, encompassing superior mobility, innovative survivability solution and network centricity that enhances the capabilities of global armed forces to fight as a mobile, networked force.  Being ST Kinetics’ most innovative design to date, the TERREX 2 is equally lethal and highly survivable in both land and littoral missions.

“ST Kinetics’ TERREX 2 is capable of meeting the most demanding and challenging requirements of global armed forces for a highly advanced, mobile and protected 8x8 wheeled armoured platform.  The advent of TERREX 2 with its class-leading innovations is testament to ST Kinetics’ ability to tap on its deep experience and expertise to offer an unparalleled 8x8 wheeled armoured platform to the world.” ~ Winston TOH, Chief Marketing Officer, ST Kinetics

The TERREX 2’s class-leading design grants it superior mobility, survivability and technological integration that allows it to be survivable on land and in water.  Its uniquely shaped hull and innovative swim systems allow the TERREX 2 to be nimble in littoral operations, achieving speed beyond 6 knots and survivable up to Sea State 4 conditions.  With All-Wheel steering capability, the TERREX 2’s advanced driveline design accords it superior manoeuvrability and a tight turning radius to overcome challenging terrain and grants it agility in urban operations.

The TERREX 2’s first-in-class V-over-VTM design is highly protected against mine and IED blasts, while maximising crew space without sacrificing the payload capability of the vehicle.  Integrating smart vetronics solutions like customisable driver touch-screen dashboard displays, All Round Surveillance System, Closed Hatch Driving System and Vehicle Navigation, the TERREX 2 enables unmatched situational awareness for the crew even when operating close-hatched.

Designed to maximise space for crew and equipment, the TERREX 2 seats 14 (including driver and commander) with adequate space for mission loads as required.  Its weight efficient design also means it has outstanding payload capability, allowing for flexible configurations of protection and weapon solutions.  The TERREX 2 is able to integrate advanced weapon systems like remote weapon systems armed with 30mm cannon.


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