20 Mei 2017

Australia's Two New $1.5 Billion Warships May Have Design Flaws, Navy Chiefs Reveal

20 Mei 2017

HMAS Canberra L02 & HMAS Adelaide L01 (photo : Tropic Maritime)

Propulsion problems on two new warships which cost taxpayers $3 billion could be the consequence of fundamental design flaws, navy chiefs have revealed, as they confirmed at least one of the vessels will miss major drills with the US next month. 

One of the two ships, the HMAS Adelaide, has been dry-docked at Garden Island in Sydney Harbour so naval engineers and the manufacturers can open up the propeller system and examine whether the problems are as simple as parts being poorly fitted or something deeper.

Chief of Navy Tim Barrett and Rear Admiral Adam Grunsell, head of maritime systems at Defence's capability and sustainment group, acknowledged there could be a design problem, though they stressed it was still being investigated.

Such a fundamental problem would raise the likelihood the ship's overseas manufacturers would bear the cost under warranty.

"Am I disappointed? Yes. We were not expecting to find this,"  Vice Admiral Barrett said in a briefing in Canberra on Friday.

What is known is that oils have seeped into sections in which they don't belong within the external propulsion pods that drive and steer the ship. In the Adelaide, metal particles have also been found in the oil.

The findings appear to indicate that problems with seals have allowed oils to move around. Different parts of the system use different types of oil of varying thickness.

This in turn may have caused bearings to be worn which could have produced the metal particles in the oil in the Adelaide.

HMAS Canberra L02 & HMAS Adelaide L01 (photo : Aus DoD)

Each ship cost roughly $1.5 billion. They were built by Spanish firm Navantia using a propulsion system made by German firm Siemens. British firm BAE Systems integrated the ship's systems.

Rear Admiral Grunsell said: "The three companies themselves are looking very closely and working very closely on the detail because they want to understand what caused this as well. It may well be a design issue."

Spain's armada has a ship of the same design, the Juan Carlos I. It has had problems but not of the same nature. Despite being commissioned in 2010, it has done less sea time than the newer Canberra or Adelaide, Vice Admiral Barrett said.

This appears to leave open the possibility that the ship cannot actually perform at the level the manufacturers stated. Vice Admiral Barrett acknowledged this possibility, as well as that there were basic design or engineering problems.

"All of those aspects are part of what we're considering at the moment," he said. "Until we've done this work, we're not in a position to be able to say that and I would not speculate on any of those outcomes but clearly in root cause analysis you have to consider all of those options."

HMAS Canberra meanwhile has been taken to sea to do further tests. Vice Admiral Barrett confirmed the Adelaide would miss Exercise Talisman Sabre with the US starting in late June, though he was still hopeful the Canberra could take part.

On the question of who bears the cost, Vice Admiral Barrett said: "If we have to change our requirement because of what we've discovered here … then clearly whether that becomes a warranty issue or something that the Commonwealth has to live with, that's the bit that I am sensitive about saying too much because that would be a piece that the Commonwealth would choose to take up at a later stage."


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  1. well, the fate has been choosen.. they should have gone with the french design years ago..

    1. Apa loe kata...palalopeyank...wwkkwwkk

    2. Harusnya beli LPD sama PT PAL aja. Good quality lah pokoknya.

    3. why don't you two knuckleheads takes your dictionary and read the article to give some reasonable comments.. PT PAL makes LPD = good quality? afaik their only customers is the Philippines.. PT PAL was trying hard to sell their products and even tried to bribe the Philippines authority to buy them.. Shame really
      Oh and mr antipolicia, you know that LPD and LHD is different right? I hope you're not that stupid like mr flanky

    4. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

    5. Harga satu LHD ini bisa dapat 30 buah makassar class .
      Apa kualitas 40 juta dolar lebih baik dari 1.5 billion dolar ????

    6. LPD yg murah aja kalian beruk jiran tak mampu beli apalagi yg mahal kha kha kha... 1.5 billion and the design is flaw. Defect in the propeller system. Macam negara beruk sebelah kah case nya, kapal tak ada engine xixixix...

    7. French designs are good but expensive.However,French only have 20000+tonnes compared to Spanish 26000+tonnes,doesn't fulfil our requirements.

  2. Berarti kalo Indonesia bikin LHD namanya KRI sumatera, KRI jawa, KRI kalimantan dsb 🤔

  3. Indonesia masih di kekang keturunan rezim orba . Mereka selalu berkoar koar indonesia tidak butuh kapal induk katanya ...padahal kapal induk mutlak buat negara maritim .!!!

    1. Semangat kakak, kamu bisaaa!! 😌

    2. Wkwkwk kapal induk, nanti di dek sm hanggar'a di isi sm sutuc ya :v pespue aja kekurangan malah pgen kapal induk wakwaw 😂😂😂

    3. Lebih bagus banyakin kapal selam dan fregat...klw mainan yg beginian di hajar tenggelam...rugi bandar menang mahal aja...

    4. Armada kapal selam di perbayak cara bellinya harus di perbaiki ...masak kapal selam buatan jerman musti keliling ke istambul duluu baru ke jerman ..balik lagi ke pt pal broo .

    5. Gpp om muarif abiz itu kS ny jemput tmnny si Kilo 636 di rusky..stlh itu baru rame2 dtg ke indonesia..hiihiii

    6. Bro muarif

      What do u mean by kapal induk? Is it air craft carriers or LHA / LHD? What aircraft does indonesia have that is suitable 4 operations on such platform? U dont have any vstol fix wing planes. Helicopters? Why do u need such vessel when u have the Makassar class? Yes its not as prestigious as an aircraft carrier or lhd but u cant go wrong with large numbers of lpd such as the Makassar for any amphibious or hadr operations. For one of those lhd u can almost built 20 of the makassar or ssv type vessel. I just dont get the muarif type of logic.

    7. Again with the kilo's.. boleh terangkan kelebihan kapal selam kilo berbanding kapal selam buatan barat (diesel electric that is) kpd saya bro?

    8. Om shed..Kilo termasuk kapal yg cukup senyap om bahkan negara2 barat mengakui...dan yg paling di takutin Land Attack Missile ny bro... Tp kekuranganny blm AIP...

    9. Bro tupez flanker
      Apakah kapal selam buatan negara barat lain tidak sesenyap kapal selam kelas kilo? Any ssk while running on batteries are silent to a certain degree. The problem starts when u have to recharge ur batteries. Even with AIPs u have to use them sparingly. The sub cant dive using their top speed on AIP or they will run out of power just like conventional subs. But we have to agree that AIP does prolong a sub underwater endurance. By land attack i believe u r talking abg the klub series of missile. If im not mistaken only the Indian navy uses the land attack version of the missile with a range of 180km (far less then the 1500km russian version). At that range u still have to position ur sub near the enemy coastline. And u r absolutely sure that the enemy ASW team wouldnt have found the sub by that time?

    10. when pot meets keetle...don't be such an smartass in front of these people, they don't even understand what you're talking about..probably didn't read it.. you're wasting your time

    11. Bro rezz

      Theres no harm in trying. If u post facts people gonna read.

    12. thats right bro shed.they know nothing about what youv said bro..thats why im here..to tell them about toilet..wakakakaka

    13. Bro Rezz..
      Why you under estimate...?
      I think, everyone is study about defense and military issue in here..
      If you a master, try to write in this blog (qualified absolutly..)

    14. Bro rezz, are feel smart ? I think you are stupid !!

    15. bro panji..not for me bro..i dont come here to study about defense bullshit..

      my sole purpose here is to tell everybody about toilet..toilet make me happy bro..please give me a chance to share the happiness with everbody here...especially you bro..

    16. @ rezz Do you feel smart...i think you stupid dumb..dumb....Nah you must learn from bro shed anuar...he is very down to earth.....not same like you rezz..you so high..from other planet.. Not from this earth...wwkkwwkkk

    17. @ shed anuar..iya betul bro india punya land attack missile...kapal selam yang senyap jg yang lain ada salah satunya changbogo class korsel..tidak terdeteksi grup kapal induk AS pada saat latihan..dan changbogo sudah masuk jarak untuk menembakkan terpedo ke kapal induk AS..

    18. Benarkah kilo itu paling senyap ?
      India yg udah punya pengalaman pulohan tahun punya kpl selam kilo buatan Rusia .
      Tp kenapa India ngak mahu lg membeli kpl selam kilo.?
      India memileh scorpene dgn tot membina 6 buah dan akan tambah lg 3 buah ditahap berikutnya.

    19. Aussie yg punya banyak uang lg mencari kpl selam baru ..
      Ternyata pilehan aussie jatuh kpd peranchis..
      Kenapa aussie menolak teknologi Jerman kalo benar ia paling senyap saperti claimnya chabonggo gak bisa di diteksi US..

    20. Bro Anak P..
      If a simple think like toilet make you happy, please play in toilet all of your day....
      Up to you Bro, be a guys or still a children...

    21. Aloy Man...
      Menurut saya pembelian senjata, tentu disesuaikan strategi pertahanan user. Ada kesamaan antara India dan Australia, yang ingin memproduksi kapal selam sendiri. DCNS sangat terbuka untuk opsi itu. Kilo class, belum pernah ada info bisa diproduksi di luar Rusia.
      Untuk Australia, mengapa DCNS yang menang, meskipun harganya selangit dan tanpa AIP, karena DCNS menjanjikan bisa dikonversi diesel submarine menjadi nuclear powered submarine. Meskipun banyak ahli meragukannya..
      Saya pernah menulisnya di salah satu blog militer...

    22. Tampak sekali dalam diskusi ini anak pake rok quality otaknya cem toilet penuh najis Wkwkwk

  4. Anak peneroka

    Let me get this straight. What do u mean by defense "bull shit"???

    1. bro shed..

      tujuan/fungsi defense bagi saya secara peribadi tak sama dengan pemahaman kebanyakan orang di sini termasuk anda bro..sebab itu saya kata apa yg ada disini hanyalah defense bullshit..

    2. Ini blog defense studies bro (indonesian version mind u). Sebarang berita perkembangan teknologi pertahanan akan dbincgkan d sini. Sekadar bertanya apa yg anda faham mengenai isu pertahanan serantau sbenarnya bro? Adakah anda meminati bidang pertahanan atau tidak, technically and not this verbal type of defence u r doing now bro. Picking a fight with indonesian 4 what? Are u "defending" our country? In what way? Im not being a smart alex or something tp sekadar mahukan kepastian. 4 me if u realy love ur country u dont have to be jerks to others. Its better to educate and post facts than to exchange verbal insult. X berjaya sekali cuba lg.

    3. bro shed..

      1.apa yg saya faham tentang isu pertahanan serantau??

      jawapannya semuanya bullshit..dan malaysia hanya jadi folower segala yg bullshit.

      2.tak ada sebarang regulasi disini yg menentukan kaedah diskusi..techincal atau sekadar borak kosong..or just having verbal insult like you said..

      3.saya kesini sekadar mau happy2..bukan diskus tentang military macam pro.klu bro perasan,asalnya saya lebih suka bertanya tentang logik,sebab,tujuan sesuatu..yelah..wlupun bullshit,tapi bukan bullshit itu yg saya nak tau..tapi mentaliti si pemikirnya..

      4.why picking a fight with indonesia..

      nope..saya cuma tiru apa yg suwandaru buat..salah mereka sendiri kenapa tanggapi komen saya..seharusnya mereka cool,relax jangan peduli kata2 saya..lupa ker bro..itu kan asalnya nasihat2 dari indonesian untuk malaysian.

    4. Jd jelas sebenarnya anda tidak meminati isu pertahanan.. byk lg tmpt atau cara utk anda mengetahui pemikiran individu. Bg saya disini bukan tmptnya. Ya betol blog ini tiada undang2 atau regulasi. But dont u have any ethics bro? Talking about bro suwanduru even he at times does talk about defense. Bukan sepanjang masa songlap sahaja. Anda mahu "hapy2" dan bergembira by being a dick is it?? (Pardon my language). Dont u have anything else to do? If u ask me what do i love. I will say defense. What do i like. Sports. But i dont agree when our gov waste money on sports and i even think that the youth and sport ministry should be abolish coz 4 me they are "bullshit". But u dont see me trolling any sports related blogs do u? Why? coz i dont belong there. Thats why. Once in ur post u talk about religion to be exact islam. Is that ur forte bro? Comparative religion?

    5. And yes. I do believe that all non essential ministries should be abolish and their their allocation be diverted to the ministry of defense. There. Ive said it.

    6. Bro shed...

      saya rasa disini kurang membincangkan isu pertahanan secara luas..lebih tertumpu pada aspek aset pertahanan saja...lebih tepat lagi membandingkan produk A & produk B..

      saya tak pernah cakap saya benci defense..jauh nak malaysia hapuskan kementerian pertahanan & institusi ketenteraan..

      Saya cuma harap defense di malaysia berfungsi sesuai tugasnya..untuk melindungi Malaysia.Since malaysia mengaku negara islam & islam as offial religion,i dont understand why defense tak menyumbang apa2..yg saya tau majoriti military personal kita adalah muslim...

      comparative religion ?? nope..saya hanya orang malaysia biasa yg beragama islam..same like you..dan sebab saya muslim,saya nak defense kita berfungsi mcm defense yg di anjurkan islam..

    7. Abolish non essential ministery ?? alokasi dana mereka di gunakan untuk defense ?? for what ?? untuk mempertahankan negara dari apa??

      ancaman luar/dalam yg membawa kerosakan akidah?? nope

      ancaman luar/dalam terhadap kebebasan muslim memartabatkan syriat islam?? nope

      ancaman dari penjajah jepun?? maybe dulu

      ancaman dari penjajah british?? nope... british penjajah yg baik kata pemimpin kita

      ancaman dari penjajah china??
      nope..we do bussiness with them

      ancaman dari sindiket dadah?? nope..

      Apa sebenarnya fungsi defense malaysia setakat ni??? that why saya cakap defense bullshit..

      Bro ni orang dlm militery kan??
      apa yg bro nak defend sebenarnya?? agama,bangsa & negara @ politician??

      tapi itu bukan punca saya troll kat sini..

    8. Nope...im not belong to the same "golongan" like you said..saya berdiri atas pemikiran saya sendiri..bukan berpayung politik,bukan beralas agama islam...

      i dont mind if mindef nak beli nuclear weapon sekalipun..kalau betul tujuannya,fungsinya..saya pasti sokong..saya nak pertahan kita paling unggul di asean..tapi untuk apa??apa yg kita nak lindungi??

      malaysia tak mensyriatkan ajaran islam sebenar..semakin hari semakin kearah sekular..anak muda dah semakin hilang percaya pada agama..ini ke yg kita nak lindungi??? kalau setakat ni,lebih baik kita upah gurkha jer..apa guna kita ada majoriti muslim in military & govt ??

      Bro..kalau tanya kat tentera korea selatan & korea utara kenapa mereka berperang..both akan cakap demi mempertahankan negara mereka.both akan kata mereka di pihak yg benar...bagi kita kedua2 nya di pihak yg bodoh sanggup jadi proxy & berbunuhan sesama sendiri..

      Bro yakin kalau berlaku konflik di daerah serantau termasuk malaysia..keadaan seumpama "kebodohan" korea selatan/korea utara tu tak terjadi pada kita???

      bro boleh tunjukkan bukti orang malaysia ada akal yg lebih bijak menilai berbanding orang korea???

      saya malas nak ulas isu lahad datu..nti bro salah faham saya ni balaci politik pulak..

    9. bro kita layan china macam china tu potensi ancaman masa depan di LCS..
      tapi dalam masa yg sama,kita support cita2 china melalui OBOR & maritime silk route yg akan buat mereka bertambah kuat di asean & LCS.tak ke tu smua mengarut ??

      Korea utara yg di katakan musuh dunia sebab impian jadi negara nuklear..walau korea tak pernah ancam nak rebut kedaulatan kita..tak pernah ancam nuklear pada kita..tapi tak de negara yg openly berbisnes dgn korea utara..termasuk malaysia..

      saya tak pernah kata kita takkan berperang di masa depan..kemungkinan tu ada..tapi pastikan kita berperang atas nama agama,bangsa & negara..bukan atas sebab "kebodohan" yg saya cakap sebelum ni..

    10. bro shed

      both japan & british adalah penjajah..betul??? salah???

      kalau betul..

      kenapa kempetai jepun di panggil pengkhianat tapi
      british malay brigade di panggil pejuang ??

      kalau salah,plz explain yg betul..

  5. This shed anuar have ego issue! trying too much to have 'civil' or 'educated' discussion with some Indon's with toilet issues! muahahahahha

    1. I just dont get ur logic. I have an "ego" simply by having civil conversations with Indonesian???

    2. Bro @shed. Be cool bro. Do not waste your energy with them, who had choose conciously to fighting each other(nation), as a keyboard warrior.
      We do not their motive for that, even we do not know who and what they are. But this we know that they love to see our two nation keep fighting each other by spreading their hated speech.
      I do hope that someday they will understand and at least stop bulling.

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