26 Mei 2017

BAE Systems Australia Begins $30 million SATCOM Upgrade for RAN

26 Mei 2017

MASTIS as part of wideband military satcom (image : Aus DoD)

BAE Systems Australia will deliver a major capability improvement to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) with the upgrade of maritime satellite communications terminals in a four year, $30 million project.

The upgrade of maritime satellite communications terminals (MASTIS - Maritime element of the Advanced SATCOM Terrestrial Infrastructure System) will provide a major enhancement to the RAN operations and life at sea.

The upgrade will be undertaken at BAE Systems facilities at Edinburgh Parks in South Australia and   North Ryde in Sydney and will result in the creation of up to 20 new jobs. The upgrade is an extension to BAE Systems Australia’s existing MASTIS support contract.

The upgrade will be achieved through the delivery of vastly increased bandwidth which will provide more efficient usage of defence satellite capacity and enhanced network interoperability between ships, aircraft and land based platforms.

The MASTIS terminals are equipped with two antennas which are capable of transmitting and receiving in X and Ka-bands simultaneously and they are able to connect to two different satellites at the same time.

This dual-band, dual-antenna approach will provide the Navy with advanced SATCOM availability and a substantial increase in the ship's data capabilities, even under heavy interference conditions.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Glynn Phillips said:
“The upgrade will provide the RAN with a capability edge that will significantly improve its ability to keep our nation safe by providing the very latest in satellite communications interoperability.”

MASTIS terminals are fitted in three variants in the RAN fleet including the dual antenna terminal variant fitted to Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ships and Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD). The upgrade addresses all of the Navy’s in-service MASTIS fleet of 17 ship fitted systems and 1 training suite.

MASTIS terminals were designed, developed and delivered by BAE Systems and entered service in 2005. The upgrade will see BAE Systems working with AIRBUS Defence and Space, which supplied a significant portion of the original terminals including the three axis stabilised antenna system.

(BAE Systems)

5 komentar:

  1. Salut untuk Australian.
    I do hope that your capability improovement make you more wise to receive any improovement on our side. I hope that your reaction on our difence acquerement will be more mature( not as you done on killo's acquere plan in 2013), we are not your foe bro, we can work together for the better future world.

    1. kenapa bro franz sendirian disini..orang2 lain semua ribut di luar..cari ketenangan kah bro??

    2. Bro @ap menyiram benih tu,jauh lebih bermakna dari menyiram bensin. Ngapain ributin sesuatu yang bukan hak, jika kita hanyalah military eunthusiasm,ndak lebih.
      Ngomong2 selamat berpuasa bro. Semoga amal ibadahnya semakin khusuk. GBU and your family there.

    3. Apakah Bro AP berpuasa juga...?

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