15 Mei 2017

DND to Build Naval Base in Casiguran, Aurora

15 Mei 2017

Casiguran, Aurora (image : GoogleMaps)

MANILA -- Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said plans are afoot to construct a naval base in Casiguran town, Aurora as part of the government's efforts to secure the resource-rich Benham Rise.

He added that he will soon visit and inspect the site of the proposed naval base.

This is to determine what needs to be done as there is already an existing airstrip in the location.

Lorenzana added that it is very likely that only piers are needed to be set up for the ships that will be assigned there.

In March, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the military to put up something at Benham Rise to show that the undersea feature belongs to the Philippines.

This was after after Chinese survey ships were spotted off Benham Rise, reportedly looking for an area where submarines can be deployed.

Navy frigates are now patrolling Benham Rise on orders of the Armed Forces' Northern Luzon Command.

At present, there are no active naval bases on Luzon's eastern seaboard but there are only detachments, according to the Navy.

The only active naval base facing the east is the Camilo Osias Naval Operating Base in Barangay San Vicente, Sta. Ana, Cagayan, on mainland Luzon's northernmost tip.


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  1. pinoy pasti bikin naval base sekali dengan toilet...

    kura2 sudah mendekat china mau ngemis investasi..hahahahaha..

    1. Anda pernah ke mana2 pengkalan laut TNI AL ke bro? Theres toilets there. Believe me i know.

      Malaysia dan juga Indonesia masing2 menerima pelaburan dari cina. If god forbid theres a shooting war with the chinese then our economy (and the indonesian) will be effected.

    2. hahaha...of coz i believe you bro..hahaha

      yelah bro..dulu forumer indonesia tak pcaya indonesia bakal mendekat china utk survive....ingat negara diorang hebat sangat..

  2. bagus filipin bangun trus pangkalan angkatan lautmu. biar LPD 601&602 bisa masuk.
    order lagi yg banyak, angkatan laut modern pasti punya LPD, slamat dtg diklub pmilik LPD haha!