24 Mei 2017

Investigation Into LHD Propulsion Problems Continues

24 Mei 2017

HMAS Adelaide rests on blocks within the Captain Cook graving dock. (photo : Aus DoD)

Canberra class amphibious assault ship HMAS Canberra has returned to sea to conduct trials off Sydney to test interim repairs made to the ship’s propulsion pods.

Meanwhile, sister ship HMAS Adelaide has entered the Captain Cook graving dock for a docking that includes a close inspection of its propulsion pods, defect rectification and maintenance.

A propulsion problem was identified aboard Canberra during helicopter flight trials.

Fairfax Media reported that “fundamental design flaws” could be behind the problems, following a briefing by Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, although this is still under investigation.

HMAS Adelaide will miss Exercise Talisman Sabre 2017 but Canberra could still take part, according to the report.


4 komentar:

  1. Waktu bangun kapal ada yg songlap sekrup propulsion nya nih.

    1. Proyek mercu suarnya aussy emang sering mleset...bagaimana daripada kisah shortfin barakuda, nyok kite simak bareng-bareng

    2. Bisa bisa nasibnya sama kayak kapal selam collin. Bikin desain sendiri berbasis kasel vastergotland swedia biar kasel nya beda sendiri gak mass production. Eh gak taunya pas dipake banyak sistemnya yg rusak, diupgrade juga udah ngabisin duit banyak. Pensiun dini deh. Masih mending cakra & nanggala masih bisa di overhauled biar extend umurnya. Nungguin changbogo dateng.

  2. Made a check to the internet, they use azimuth thruster for the vessels. Suprisingly the overall propulsion system just like commercial cruise ships where these vessels are obviously naval warfare ships. I wonder if they use military spec for this propulsion system, as it is rare in the internet says that this kind of propeller system installed for naval ships..