03 November 2017

Next Month, New Zealand to Retire Replenishment Ship

03 November 2017

HMNZS Endeavour (A 11) (photo : Clyde Dickens)

New Zealand to Retire Replenishment Ship in December 2017

The Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) will retire its 138 m replenishment ship, HMNZS Endeavour (A 11), on 15 December.

The vessel, which has been in service since April 1988, will be retired in a decommissioning ceremony that will be held at the Devonport Naval Base in Auckland, said the service.

Endeavour was built by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in Ulsan, South Korea. The ship is based on a commercial tanker design, but with a naval replenishment-at-sea (RAS) rig.

Endeavour will be replaced with a new 24,000-tonne maritime sustainment capability (MSC) vessel, which has also been contracted to HHI. (Jane's)

The Royal New Zealand Navy's support tanker, HMNZS Endeavour, is making a last visit to its home port of New Plymouth before being decommissioned.

HMNZS Endeavour is preparing to make its last visit to its home port of New Plymouth.

The Royal New Zealand Navy's support tanker is to be decommissioned in December after 30 years of service.

The decommissioning will begin with a week-long visit to Port Taranaki, beginning on November 14

Events will include an official reception two days later, when there will be a ceremonial sunset and beating the retreat.

On November 18, there will be a parade from Queen Street to the Puke Ariki landing, where the commanding officer, Commander Martin Doolan, will hand back the city charter to Mayor Neil Holdom.

"Endeavour's affiliation with Taranaki included a charter between the ship and the district that gives the ship's company 'the right and privilege of marching with drums beating, band playing, colours flying, bayonets fixed and swords drawn'," Commander Doolan said.

"They will exercise this right for the final time on the Saturday with the parade and ceremony." (NZ City)

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