17 Juli 2010

Gripen Fleet Purchase : Compared Five Countries, Thai Buys Highest ?

17 Juli 2010

RTAF's JAS-39 C/D Gripen (photo : SaabAB)

Mr. Jerry Lin Burj (Jerry Lindbergh) is not representative of the Swedish government announced offering fighter aircraft JAS-39 C/D Gripen to Romanian government. The price for options 24 aircraft is 1,000 million euros (or equivalent, 40,000 million baht).

Gripen news would be no opportunity presented in a page of the newspaper "Matichon" again because procurement project, Gripen the Swedish model with the offering of Romania government, General Surayud Chulanont has approved the first purchase of 6 aircraft and for a long time since 2008.

Although the first silent protest, purchase Gripen which cost more than other countries. Yet government Surayu, but it is driving success with the first budget period totaled 19,000 million Baht. Plot the two governments Mr Vejjajiva green light to buy a budget 16,000 million since January 2010.

The time to come together in the past enough to make news, Gripen off the interesting trends. Good coincidence with the hope that the information published in the media. Sweden and Romania to the "Matichon" with questions that Why has the Thai government drive to acquire Gripen, more expensive than other countries, despite the offer from the Swedish government with the Thai government virtually no difference how much.

Gripen fighter aircraft manufactured by Saab of Sweden to the country. Time to buy into the world's total five countries including Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, South Africa, Thailand and most recently Romania under the proposed sale. Swedish government to acquire Gripen, 200 aircraft, but faced economic recession is reduced to only 100 aircraft. 31 aircraft model A/B be revised to a model C/D. To remove the rest, Gripen sold to other countries. The Government of Hungary to lease 14 Gripen C/D aircraft since 2003 worth U.S. $ 1,000 million (approximately U.S. $ 40,000 million). Swedish government plans to equip combat systems, mid-air refueling system, and aviation system. Negotiations between the Government of Hungary and Sweden take up to four years, Sweden will agree with the proposal of the Government of Hungary to improvement quality skills, especially the Hungarian workers.

Czech government in 2005 to rent Gripen a period of 10 years accounted for 800 million total budget of approximately U.S. $ 32,000 million (compared currency U.S. $ 1 equals 40). The Swedish government provides as required, 14 Gripen C/D including flight simulator computer, system planning, combat support systems, training for pilots and ground staff. In addition, the Swedish government also agreed to offer industrial offset to the Czech Republic for 10 years is valued at 130 percent of the aircraft lease.

In addition, the government Sweden have agreed to offer compensation for Czech Republic (offset agreement) includes return direct (direct offset) equivalent to 20 percent of the value of support and development of aerospace industry and defense in mid-2008. Sweden organized 28 projects to support the export of Czech Republic.

South Africa purchase 26 Gripen C/D aircraft in 2008. The Government of Sweden transferring technology to a South African also provides assistance through the economic offset program to create a new economy for South Africa worth 5.3 billion dollars. Both the export to participate in various industries including more than 100 businesses through its mining, support medical research, automotive industry, lumber industry, agricultural industry, support services and export sectors. The purchase of Gripen will help build the defense industry of South Africa and build economic strength.

The Swedish proposal to the Thai government, procurement 12 Gripen aircraft, including assistance in the country (no details) to transfer technology, aviation, aerospace and defense to Thailand. It will lay the foundation of the local industry in Thailand in future development projects, including Gripen. However, no detailed.

RTAF's Saab 340 Erieye (photo : SaabAB)

The Government of Sweden delivering aircrafts including two Saab 340 aircraft with early warning system Erieye Saab 340 aircraft for training and air transport.

While the Swedish government, offering 24 Gripen aircraft to Romania. Drastically in price competition with F -16 of the United States only U.S. $ 40,000 million, with conditions such as very persuasive settlement 15 years to 30 pilots. Other ground staff of 60 people set free to return the economy to 100 percent. Romania will create jobs for people least five thousand positions.

Proposed that the Swedish government provides the country compared to Thailand and then to see that Thai government to buy more expensive. Although cut on for options such as extra aircraft Saab 340 Erieye, price is still more expensive anyway. Because Saab 340 Erieye Swedish government recently sold to United Arab Emirates two aircraft in the price 148.3 million euros or about U.S. $ 6 billion aircraft falling 3,000 million Baht.

Looking back to back during the Thaksin Shinawatra government. Air Force attempts to drive offer Gripen through Virameteekul Commander Air Force in those days.

If the news turned back on October 8, 2004 Adm Kongsak, interviewed fighter aircraft procurement project, JAS-39 Gripen. "The Government of Sweden welcomed Gripen to the Royal Thai Air Force friendship prices, lam prices fall by about 600 million. U.S. Air Force is interested in this model fighter aircraft as well. It is a fighter with great potential and is widely used in many countries. The Air Force plans to provide aircraft with high-performance, affordable much of a crowd or to the regular rhythm of 16 to work on various missions. Replacement fighter aircraft for OV - 10 to disband the army already. Fighter aircraft including the F-5 E/F that is about to disband soon."

Adm. Kongsak to tell another that purchasing new aircraft fighter squadron to use the exchange of agricultural products instead of payment. Because the government does not want the current account deficit in funds, and used to exchange agricultural products instead.

Time only four years apart scrap prices Gripen JAS-39 C/D, the Sweden government sold to Thailand, consolidation is priced to move aircraft at U.S. $ 2,866 million, despite all that, when combined for options that are not much different from other countries. Yet government Surayud government and Mr. Not approve the purchase of embarrassment!

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