08 Juli 2010

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Make Debut Flight

08 Juli 2010

Navy personnel watch a locally crafted remote-controlled helicopter during a flying demonstration following the graduation rites of the Naval Aviation Officer’s Course Class 04 at the Philippine Naval Base Heracleo Alano, Sangley Point, in Cavite City. The chopper will train pilots to control aerial vehicles used in surveillance and monitoring missions. (photo : Manila Bulletin)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) launches tomorrow by the Naval Air Group at Sangley Point, Cavite City 9 am. This is one of the highlights during the graduation rites of the Naval Aviation Officer’s Course (NAOC) Class 04 composed of 11 student officers.

UAV is equipped with cameras and other sophisticated avionics systems essential in its projected aerial surveillance and reconnaissance missions. These UAVs will be the latest additions to the NAG inventory of air assets. Other highlights of the event include the presentation and helicopter demonstration of Aero Spatiale (AS) 355F2 and Bolkow (BO)-105CB from Manila Aerospace Products Trading (MAPTRA). These helicopters are projected to become part of the NAG’s inventory in the near future.

Assunta - the other indigenous tactical UAV for Army (photo : pdff)

Moreover, the “NAGBAYANIHAN 2010”, a fund-raising project initiated by the group to support peculiar requirements especially in their morale and welfare programs, shall be formally launched by the ceremonial casting of tickets by Rear Admiral Danilo M Cortez AFP, the Philippine Navy Chief, who will grace the event as the keynote speaker and guest of honor.

The addition of these 11 new naval pilots will bolster the gap between the limited qualified personnel manning the forerunner of the Philippine Fleet in air operations. These new pilots have been equipped with the basic knowledge and skills, gearing them for the upcoming modernization projects that are being implemented by the Philippine Navy for the accomplishment of its mission.

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