24 Juli 2010

Simlat Delivers Automatic UAS Operator Performance Assessment Systems to the Australian Forces

24 Juli 2010

Simlat UAS simulator (photo : simlat)

Simlat Ltd. announces the delivery of two UAS-SPOT (Screening by Performance-Oriented Testing) Systems to the Australian Forces. The systems are currently being used by the Australian Forces for automatic evaluation of UAS operators. Simlat was awarded contract for the SPOT systems as part of a UAS simulators upgrade for the Skylark Mini-UAV.

Skylark mini UAV used in Iraq by ADF troop (photo : defenseindustrydaily)

"The UAS-SPOT, a flagship product of Simlat's Human Factors Business Line, was developed for the last 6 years in light of the growing shortage in UAS operators and the need to facilitate and improve the screening process," says Yuval Peshin, Simlat President. "The candidate can run through the SPOT tests independently while his performance is automatically monitored and evaluated by the SPOT, saving precious time and money. Test results are presented in clear and focused reports, offering insight to the candidate or operator's skills, and assuring the selection of the top candidates. This shortens qualification and training time without compromising quality."

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