02 Februari 2011

Airship Leak 'Repaired'

02 Februari 2011

Royal Thai Army's airship (photo : thaiza)

The leak in the army's troubled 350 million baht surveillance airship has been fixed, the army says, with plans underway for a test flight next month.

Thanadet Laungthongkham, the director of the military support coordination division of the Army Logistics Department, said a sub-contractor of the airship's US manufacturer, Aria International, had replaced a leaked part, called an "envelope".

The change of envelope would enable the airship to function properly, he said.

The replacement was made under the airship's one-year warranty.

This was proof that the company did not go bankrupt or fail to comply with the airship purchase contract as alleged, he said. Col Thanadet said a test flight would be conducted next month to prepare it for use and the army believed the airship would operate well.

The army returned the airship to the US supplier last August when it developed major leaks.

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