15 Februari 2011

Modernization of Singapore's Leo 2A4

15 Februari 2011

Clearly seen differences in armor between Leopard 2SG and Leopard 2A4 standard model (photo : Altair)

Modernization ended 66 Leopard 2A4 tanks Singaporean army. They were given extra armor AMAP German's IBD Deisenroth Engineering (IBD) and ST Kinetics.

Singapore bought 96 Leopards from the stocks of the Bundeswehr in 2007. A year later, began their delivery, 66 cars earmarked for operational use, 30 has become a warehouse of spare parts. This is the strongest army tanks, which previously had only mild AMX-13 and, possibly, a redesigned Centurion Mk3 and Mk7 tanks. The latter have never been publicly disclosed, and it is anticipated that a limited number of them (12-63 units), stationed in neighboring countries, which conduct joint military exercises with the forces of Singapore. Purchase Leopards may be associated with a successful transaction has already supplies Polish PT-91M for Malaysia (see Malaysia's contract close to finals).

Leopard 2SG of the Singaporean Army (photo : Wiki-Cabal)

Leopards were immediately brought undergone a process of modernization, the model 2SG, based on the German system of IBD. Based on the novel varieties of materials, aluminum, titanium, ceramic inserts and nano-ceramics, has managed to achieve greater puncture resistance while reducing weight. The manufacturer estimates that thanks to their armor is twice as better performance than traditional armored steel.

IBD products are used including in Finnish AMV 8x8 (are also offered for Polish Rosomak), the German Puma IFV, German-Dutch Boxer, French VBCI and some variants of Swedish CV90. Singapore Leopards created a demand for the first set of tanks. IBD has also developed armor for Eurocopter Tiger and Italian Iveco LMV patrol cars.

With regard to the Leopards 2SG (also referred to Leopard Evolution marketing), extra armor is installed at the front of hull and turret and front sides of the hull and turret. The rear of the vehicle is protected by armor rod against cumulative projectiles. The German manufacturer declares that reinforced the bottom of the hull against the effects of mine. The work carried out joint-venture and local IBD ST Kinetics.

IBD and EODC also introduces Evolution Survivability Concept which developed for the Main Battle Tank Leopard 2 A4. It provides a balanced broadband protection against the full spectrum of today's threats in theatre with minimum weight. (photo : IBD)

The first dozen vehicles was demonstrated publicly at the time of last year, November's national holiday in Singapore.

In the near future to Singapore - as the first recipient - should get the active defense systems, ADS, ADS Gesellschaft for production active protection system, owned by Rheinmetall (74%) and IBD (26%). The system has already undergone a series of tests, proving its usefulness to destroy incoming projectiles launchers anti-tank, and even parts of artillery shells. Today begins the mass production and first deliveries are to be implemented this year.

The ADS will be equipped with sets of lighter types of vehicles, including articulated transporters probably Bronco (see also: Bronco confirmed).


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