07 Oktober 2011

DCNS would be Favored to Sell Corvettes to Malaysia

07 Oktober 2011

Corvettes of the family "Gowind" interest of Malaysia. (image : DCNS)

The French group hopes to export its ships in the family "Gowind" for maritime surveillance.
The French naval construction company DCNS is preferred to provide corvettes to Malaysia as part of a call for tenders for 24 copies, said Tuesday the financial daily Les Echos. "We received a letter of intent about a month ago, and since we are in advanced talks," he told the newspaper near the public group.

The Malaysian authorities, which require local assembly and transfer of technology, did not retain the other hand the German TKMS and Dutch Damen also candidates for this tender, specify Les Echos. The case could be completed by the end of the year, they added.

The building belongs to the family DCNS "Gowind" for missions "surveillance zone, the fight against piracy and terrorism, enforcement, fight against drug trafficking, environmental protection, humanitarian , search and rescue, maritime security, "said the DCNS on its website. These include corvettes able to deploy a helicopter or a drone.

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