01 Oktober 2011

Tiger Helicopters at Last Ready to Prowl at Night

01 Oktober 2011

The Australian Defence Force will stage a night-time helicopter training exercise in the Top End.

Four Tiger helicopters will be flown on week nights between 6pm and midnight over the next two months.

The operation will be managed from Darwin but defence says the majority of the training will take place in regional and low-population areas to limit disruptions to the public.

The ADF says the training marks a significant step forward in the use of reconnaissance and attack helicopters.

The helicopters taking part in the night exercises are among 22 Tigers ordered by the ADF under a $2 billion contract.

They had been limited to daylight operations because of delivery delays for night-vision helmets.

It is expected that some of the Tigers will see service in Afghanistan.

Diggers fighting in Afghanistan currently rely on US Black Hawk and Apache helicopters for air fire support and medical evacuations.

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