20 Oktober 2011

Vietnam Received Second Bastion Coastal Defence System

20 Oktober 2011

Bastion P coastal defence system (photo : Militaryphotos)

Russian Missile Defense Allocation for Viet Nam

Reports say Russia has delivered second Bastion coast missile defense system to Vietnam under the investment contract signed in 2005.

Russia's Interfax news agency said a military source 18/10 Tuesday that the transfer of active defense system equipped with supersonic anti-ship missiles were made Yakhont last week.

Two Russia’s giant arms exporter Rosoboronexport and Mashinostroyeniya NPO that Russia have signed contracts with Vietnam in 2005, including two Bastion coastal defense system.

First Bastion system which Vietnam's purchase of Russia has been shipped from mid-year.

Recently, Russian media also announced Vietnam is negotiating with the Russian government to sign more contracts to purchase additional Bastion systems, the number is not published.

With modern equipment, defense of Vietnam's coast will be enhanced significantly, especially in the context of developments on the coast are many complex.

Prestigious defense journal Jane's Defence said negotiations of the contract will be made by state credit of Russia, and can hang will be provided around the year 2013-2014.

Increases defense

Bao said the Russian Bastion system was achievements of the industrial production of Russia's missiles, capable of destroying various types of amphibious warship from transport and support ship, destroyer warships and aircraft carrier, as well as kill targets in a single vessel fleet to 300 km distance.

Bastion is able to protect a coastal area extending to 600 km. State news agency of China, Xinhua, has said Vietnam will put the two systems Bastion in the central coast has to cope with threats on the South China Sea.

The system consists of four vehicles carrying reporters Bastion self K-340P (two tubes each vehicle carrying ammunition missiles TPS); 2 K380P MBU control car (25-ton truck on the chassis MZKT-65273) can be prepared to war within 3 to 4 minutes; 4 rounds K-342P truck TZM (on chassis MZKT-7930) equipped with cranes used to load 5.9 ton K-loader vehicles and equipment 340P technical support and other combat training.

Also mentioned basic configuration, customers can choose the configuration with the number of vehicles, car and truck drivers shot on demand.
Supersonic cruise missiles, K310 Yakhont flying over the sea using a static jet engines.

Missiles Bastion-P has two mode: low-flying cruise with a range of about 120km, and low-flying cruise mixed with a range of about 300km.

(BBC Vietnam)

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