03 November 2011

16 Vietnam's Su-30MK2 Will be Transfered Before the End of 2011

03 November 2011

Combat system of Vietnam's Su-30MK2 similar to the Malaysia's Su-30MKM (photo : Knaapo)

Russian Su-30MK2 delivery schedule for Vietnam

Kanwa Journal said, eight Su-30MK2 (purchased in 2009) and 12 units (purchased in 2010) will be produced and provided to Vietnam under the plan.

According to the magazine, to the end of the month 6 / 2011, Vietnam received four Su-30MK2 of 20 units ordered in the two previous contracts.

Thus, the remaining 16 aircraft Su-30MK2 not yet delivered, and the Sukhoi company said it would transfer to Vietnam before the end of 2011.

Kanwa also led a number of sources close to the Russian Defense Ministry said, "as required by the Vietnam Ministry of Defense, in the new fighter Su-30MK2 will be some changes, including the combat system Su-30MK2 aircraft similar to the combat system is mounted on Su-30MKM ".

Vietnam Air Force is equipped with one of the most modern aircraft Su-27/30 in the ASEAN region.

Su-30MK2 is a modern combat aircraft in the Air Force personnel in Vietnam.

"We are considering opening the Sukhoi maintenance center in Vietnam, and this issue is being negotiated," Kanwa leading industry sources said Russian defense industry.

Vietnam has experienced the use of combat aircraft Su-27SK and has a long history of exploitation of Su-22 aircraft, so the establishment of a center's service in Vietnam Sukhoi is not a problem important, "the source said. Normally, the aircraft Sukhoi Su-30MK2 will be one year warranty, magazine Kanwa said.

Indirect sources also pointed out that Vietnam needs additional Su-30 aircraft. Currently, Vietnam Air Force has 120 aircraft and over 100 Su-22 MiG-21. So, with 20 Su-30MK2 (received 4 units), 4 and 12 Su-30MKV the Su-27SK/UBK is not sufficient to meet demand "straight up modern" Vietnam Air Force .

The source added that, "we are calling on other countries, including Vietnam buy the upgraded variant better than airplanes Sukhoi Su-30MK2 and so are planning to export Su-35 , so the number of Su-30MK2 exports will be reduced gradually, and to save costs for the production line.

"Compared to the Su-30MK2 aircraft equipped to Vietnam, China and Indonesia (as well as Russia and Venezuela), Su-30MKI aircraft are manufactured for India, Algeria and Malaysia are likely to perform more tasks.

(Dat Viet)

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  3. Vietnam purchase more 12 Russian Su-30 MK2