18 November 2011

Manila to Buy Bullet Making Equipment

18 November 2011

Government Arsenal's product (photo : GA)

MANILA (Xinhua) -- The Philippine government signed Thursday a contract with a Canadian contractor for the acquisition of 335.8 million pesos (7.72 million U.S. dollars) worth of equipment to boost the production of ammunition for government troops.

Government Arsenal Director Maj. Gen. (ret.) Jonathan Martir signed the contract with Andre Nazarian, president of the Waterbury Farell in a simple ceremony in Camp Aguinaldo.

The contract binds the foreign firm to deliver a multi-station bullet assembly machine, a case manufacture equipment, and cartridge assembly equipment within 18 months upon the opening of the letter of credit.

"Our acquisition of these equipment shall certainly enhance the capability of our Government Arsenal to manufacture high-quality, safe, and reliable ammunition for our Armed Forces and other government law enforcement agencies," Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said.

At present, Martir said the Government Arsenal produces 58 percent of the total military requirement on ammunition for small arms like M16, M4 rifle, M4 Carbine rifle, and Minimi squad automatic weapons.

Martir said the defense department will get the funds from the Armed Forces Modernization Program. By next year, he said the Philippines might buy more equipment to manufacture not only ammunition but also assault rifles.


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