17 November 2011

Vietnam Successful in Research of ERA

17 November 2011

ERA of Vietnam (photo : VTV2 )

Recently, Vietnam has succeeded in researching and manufacturing explosive reactive armor (ERA) that can be fitted on the tank to increase the capacity of armor in Vietnam.

Since 2004, T Institute of Department of Defence of Vietnam has research and development explosive reactive armor (ERA).

In 2007, the T Institute has completed the design of adjacent generations and is a fully developed second-generation armor, restrain capable of B-72 bullet (AT-3 anti-tank missiles ).

Design and manufacture of explosive reactive armor using materials available in the country, this is a significant cost savings. While the technical features surpasses Vietnam's borders and is equivalent to the world's explosive reactive armor.

According to the research staff, explosive reactive armor made in Vietnam are lightweight, easily removable, and quick fully integrated with the Vietnam People's Army tanks.

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