24 November 2011

India Unveiled Details of the Fighter Based on the PAK FA

24 November 2011

Artist's impression about PAK-FA in Indian colour scheme (image : Livefist/Parijat Gaur)

Indian aircraft maker Hindustan Aeronautics published a few promising fighter specifications FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft), created in cooperation with Russia on the basis of combat aircraft T-50 (PAK FA). According to the description, the Indian version of the aircraft will be network-centric and will act in a group with other FGFA even in areas with "poor communication".

FGFA length was 22.6 meters, height - 5.9 meters, and maximum takeoff weight - 34 tons. The aircraft will be able to fly to a distance of 3.88 kilometers and a speed of two Mach numbers (2.3 thousand kilometers per hour). Will be installed on FGFA engines with thrust vector control management and a maximum deviation of the nozzles 15 degrees.

Each of the two engines of the fighter will be able to develop a thrust of 1,400 kilograms-force (13.7 kilonewton). Probably, this parameter contains an error. For comparison, the turbojet engine AL-41F1S (installed on the Su-35s) is capable of a thrust of 8.8 thousand kilograms-force, and 15 000 pounds-force in regime afterburner.

At the end of September 2011 it became known that the command of the Indian Air Force has selected engines for future fighter aircraft, but did not specify what kind. Reported only that the power plants will be stronger for FGFA AL-41F1 ("Item 117"), intended for prospective fighter T-50.

FGFA will be able to fly at supersonic speed in cruise mode, and maneuver at supersonic speed. In the inner compartment of the fighter can be placed in a mass of weapons to 2.25 tons, and on external pylons - weighing up to 5.75 tonnes. Indian fighter jet fuselage will be made with the use of stealth technology. It should be noted that the development of FGFA in the design stage, so many options listed HAL, can change in one direction or another.Specifications PAK FA until classified.

The contract for the joint development of FGFA was signed by Russia and India in late 2010. Indian version of the aircraft will be established on the basis of the PAK FA, but it will be different from the last version with a single and a double cockpit, engines and airborne equipment. Earlier it was reported that the first flight is scheduled for FGFA 2015. Indian Air Force is going to adopt a 250 fighter FGFA.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA)

The proposed FGFA will have air combat superiority, high tactical capability, group action capability in the regions even with poor communication support. The aircraft will have advanced features like

 Increased Stealth - Low radar cross-section (RCS), Internal deployment of weaponry
 Supersonic cruise and supersonic maneuvering capability
 Data link and network centric warfare capability.

Technical Parameters
-Length : 22.6 m
-Height : 5.9 m
-MTOW : 34 Ton
-Range : 3880 km
-Speed : 2 Mach
-Max Weapon Load : 2.25 Ton (Int.) & 5.75 Ton (Ext)
-Thrust Vectoring : With Jet Nozzle (±15 ยบ)
-Engine Thrust : 2X1400 kgf

FGFA will be co-developed with Russians. Sukhoi Design Bureau (SDB) has been selected as the Russian agency for this development project.

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