02 November 2011

First Landing on HMNZS CANTERBURY for New Air Force Helicopter

02 November 2011

First time Air Force A109 lands on HMNZS CANTERBURY (photo : Fuseworks)

Last week the new Air Force helicopter, the A109, successfully completed its first integration trial with the Navy’s Multi-role Vessel, HMNZS CANTERBURY.

The aim of the trial was to test the A109 with the Ship in non-operational conditions including the ability for the aircraft to operate and be maintained on the Ship.

During the trial the helicopter was landed on the ship and then fully stowed in the ship’s hangar. The second stage of the trial saw the helicopter being removed from the hangar, prepared for flight and flown off the ship, which was tied-up alongside Devonport Naval Base throughout.

The trial was deemed a success with only minor issues to rectify. Further trials will be carried out before the helicopter is able to operate to and from the ship.

HMNZS CANTERBURY is the Navy’s sealift and amphibious support vessel. Depending on the mission type, CANTERBURY can transport a blend of A109 or Navy Seasprite helicopters in support of air and land operations and disaster relief. The ship will also carry the new NH90 helicopter when it comes into service.

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