07 November 2011

S-125 Missiles to Protect the Vietnam's Airspace

07 November 2011

S-125 Pechora missile launchers system has a range of up to 35km and destroying the target at an altitude of 18,000 m (all photos : Dat Viet)

Missile Regiment 213, Division 363 are always in combat readiness posture to firmly defend the airspace of Vietnam.

As one of the main unit of the Air Defense - Air Force, in recent years Regiment 213, Division 363 are successfully completing the training missions, combat readiness, firmly defend the airspace and sovereignty of the sea and the sacred island of the country.

The readiness of the missile launcher system is supported by an excellent training system and the dedication of the soldiers to the country.


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  1. Kpn Indonesia punya SAM ky gini? Masa beliny QW3 dan Vshorad/Shorad missile mulu :cd

    Beli kek S-300 atau Long range SAM yg lain. Ckckkc