09 November 2011

Two MH-60S Knight Hawk Entered Operational in Royal Thai Navy

09 November 2011

Two aircraft from the approved six MH-60S Knight Hawk entered to operational (all photos : Sukasom Hiranphan/TAF)

Navy has signed procurement of two aircraft from the approved six aircraft an MH-60S Knight Hawk helicopter in 2006 and now the helicopters were handed over to the Thai Navy.

The noticeable difference between the SH-60B Sea Hawk and is the Royal Thai Navy's MH-60S Knight Hawk, it is the position of the wheel base pairs, after the Sea Hawk it stay in the body, but in Knight Hawk will be back in a position similar to the UH-60 Black Hawk.

For the MH-60S Knight Hawk of the Royal Thai Navy has installed modern equipment. The mission control system of the Lockheed Martin also has a flashlight and rescue hoists. As well as being equipped with terrain following radar and infrared cameras, which allows Knight Hawk as a common transport missions. tactical transport missions, special operations including search and rescue missions. The Knight Hawk helicopter the most modern and best equipped to rescue in Thailand today.

The Royal Thai Navy has a plan to provide additional funding received.


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