11 November 2013

Avia Satcom Launches Black Kite UAV

12 November 2013

Avia Satcom Launches Black Kite UAV developed by the company's own personnel. And ready for delivery.

Black Kite UAV, which was launched at the Defense & Security 2013 is a stationary UAV wing / fixed wing with length 2.23 m, height 0.82 m Wingspan 4.32 m with an operating range of 180 km in an operating continuously, operating altitude 2,000-6,000 feet, with six hours operating speed of 60 knots.

The UAV can be equipped with searchlights and leveled by Avia Satcom has improved board design their own control, which makes it possible to design a board smaller to save space and weight than the Avia Satcom chose to write Flight Control Software-up from the beginning. To make it possible to add new capabilities into the future without any restrictions, including armed UAV development in the future.

"We do not choose to purchase the Flight Control Software that is sold online. But I choose to develop alternatives to improve future performance. We also design an UAV aircraft design standards are universal. The only time the test structure design and more than two years the document control process from the computer model to test flight. All of which we invested more than 100 million" officials Avia Satcom said. 

ThaiArmedForce.com. situation, there are no customer supply Black Kite UAV active, but Avia Satcom officials announced that Saab interested to supply and markets around the world on behalf of Black Kite UAV, Saab to ensure that  production  process in the international standards.


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