05 November 2013

DTI Unveils Mock Up of Panzer Wheel 8x8

05 November 2013

DTI 8x8 armored vehicle (photo : thaifighterclub and Thaiarmedforce)

ThaiArmedForce.com - DTI introduced the mock up of 8x8 wheel armored vehicles at Defence & Security Exhibition 2013.

Model (Mock Up) of the armor had 8x8 rubber wheel, installed with armored turret and water jet propellers systems, including surveillance cameras. The vehicle have designed to have a V -shaped armor to STANAG 4569 Level 4.

Staff of the Institute of Defence Technology of the Department of Defense or the DTI (DTI) revealed that Thailand 's had status and potential for production of parts and assembly of the car in the world. Car up to 12 brands produced in Thailand. Automotive parts supplier to over 2,300 automobile manufacturers to the world. Total workforce more than five hundred thousand people by the year 2011, Thailand's automotive exports, worth more than seven hundred cars valued 3.4 billion by the year 2012. Thailand 's automotive industry more than 2.6 million vehicles were produced, which is the potential of the industry, should be used in the military. This project will also reflect the capabilities of the automotive industry in Thailand. Research also shows the complete upstream to downstream. The results of research and development applications in the value chain.

"In this project DTI acts as a hub for the integration of industry and agencies involved in the design and development of models. It featured in the design and development process for vehicles with features and capabilities to meet the requirements appropriate to the core values ​​of the Thailand Army and the ASEAN member countries. Collaboration with the departments of automotive cluster  under control and supervision of the DTI to achieve is a 8x8 wheeled armored car units of the country," said officials of the DTI.

The armored vehicle is a replica or Mock Up with propulsion system, which consists of suspension, engine and cabin. It is not even a permanent model or Prototype which DTI and its coveted industry, research will continue to be able to master the production line next.


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