06 November 2013

Thailand Received SR-4 MLRS from China

06 November 2013

SR-4 MLRS (all photos : thaifighterclub)

According to the contract signed in April 10/2012, Thailand will receive 4 SR-4 system. 

Procurement SR-4 is the result of the meeting during the visit of the Chinese military delegation by the Minister of State of Thailand Sukumpol Suwanatat room leader, who has called marriage "a" with China, "the brother of our dear."

SR-4 using 122 mm rockets, cluster installation in 2 x 20 tubes. This system was developed based on the Type-81 system, which is a variant copy of BM-21 Grad system of the Soviet Union.

Difference in the new system is designed to change launchers. By using the type of ammunition loaded and transported the phrase, reload time has been shortened more and thereby reduce the time required to carry out repeated attacks on the enemy. SR-4 is mounted on a truck chassis modern 6х6 tires.

According to the agreement between China and Thailand, in addition to the procurement of new MRL system, a new system called DTI-1G is also was developed. Institute of Technology, the Ministry of Defence of Thailand and China will develop DTI-1G (G - Guided, ie control), precision and range higher than the existing system, he said Sukumpol Suwanatat.


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