09 November 2013

DND Opens Bidding for 3 Brand New SAR Seaplane

09 November 2013

HU-16C Albatross seaplane ever operated by PAF (photo : Adrian M. Balch)

The DND through the General Appropriations Act and the AFP Modernization Act Trust Funds intends to apply the sum of 2,67 bio PhP being the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) to payments under the contract for the Search and Rescue Seaplane Acquisition Project including Integrated Logistics Support (ILS).

The plan is to acquire Search and Rescue Seaplane that will provide general dupport for humanitarian assistance, disaster response, and maritime search and rescue operations.

Delivery of 3 brand new Seaplane is required within 540 days from the opening of Letter of Credit.

Bids must be delivered before on or November 29, 2013 and will be opened in the same day.

(Defense Studies)

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