23 November 2013

BRP Ramon Alcaraz is Now Ready to Fulfill its Mission

23 November 2013

PF-16 BRP Ramon Alcaraz (photo : rappler)

Christening, Commisioning and Send-Off Ceremonies for the BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF16)

After three months of dry-docking and repainting in preparing our country’s latest warship for its future operations, BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF16) is now ready to fulfill its mission of serving this maritime nation. 

The Christening, Commissioning and Send-off Ceremonies for the BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF16) were held today,November 22, 2013 at Pier 15, South Harbor, Manila with Secretary of National Defense as Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker. The Alcaraz family also attended as special guests. 

Immediately after the ceremonies, BRP Alcaraz embarked on her first ever mission, that is Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response operations for the victims of super typhoon “Yolanda” in Eastern Visayas. 

The vessel transports relief items from different government agencies, NGOs and private organizations. BRP Alcaraz also carries PN personnel consisting of builders and engineers that will be utilized for various relief operations which will include but not limited to clearing operations, relief goods distribution, repair and rehabilitation.

With more or less 200 tons of assorted relief goods and other necessary equipment and 12 PN personnel as augmentation troops for the Naval Task Group “Tulong Visayas”, PF 16 is expected to arrive Tacloban on November 24, 2013.

BRP Alcaraz will serve as the command and control of the AFP Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response operations in Samar-Leyte area and will also assist in monitoring relief and rehabilitation efforts of foreign armed forces in the typhoon-stricken areas.

(Phil Navy)

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