07 Juli 2014

Advanced Technology from Saab for Royal Thai Navy Fleet

07 Juli 2014

HTMS Naresuan FFG-421 and HTMS Taksin FFG-422  is a modified version of the Chinese-made Type 053 frigate, cooperatively designed by the Royal Thai Navy and China but built by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation in Shanghai (photo : Thai Defense News)

Saab’s modernization of the Combat Systems (CS) on-board the Royal Thai Navy’s Naresuan Class Guided Missile Frigates H.T.M.S. Naresuan and H.T.M.S. Taksin is taking Thailand’s naval defence capability to the next level and to the forefront of naval forces in the region.

The frigates H.T.M.S. Naresuan and H.T.M.S. Taksin are equipped with the latest generation Combat Management (CMS) and Fire Control Systems (FCS), the Saab 9LV Mk4 and CEROS 200/EOS 500. A subsequent contract for additional sights and communications equipment was awarded to Saab to complete the Combat Suite (CS) on the two frigates.

SAAB 9LV Mk4 Combat Management System (photo : SaabGroup)

In addition to the modernization of the CS the frigates are also equipped with Tactical Data Links (TDL’s) to enable them to share their tactical picture between them and to share information with the Royal Thai Air Force Gripen and Airborne Early Warning radar aircraft which dramatically improves the effectiveness of both the naval and air force assets.

The Saab 9LV system integrates sensors, weapons and data links enabling the frigates to engage a variety of modern threats including sea-skimming missiles and small surface threats.

EOS 500 Electro-Optical Fire Control and Observation Director (photo : Saab Group)

Accessibility Battle (CMS) model 9LV Mk4 consists of a series of console function (MFC) to the display and facilitate input for control of the system, including sensors and weapons that have been integrated. in the CMS system is the core of CS in the ship's Gate to perform command and control, identification, tracking and fighting with weapons.

Also, the TDL's also ship with each other to exchange data with the ship - to - ship. With expertise As well as the ability to monitor (AEW) in the range widened. And the ability to fight a range of expanded through the control of air combat grip Payne.

Ceros 200 fire control radar (photo : Saab Group)

The 9LV Mk4 CMS comprises a set of Multi-Function Consoles (MFC) providing display and input facilities for control of the system and the integrated sensors and weapons. The CMS is the core of the frigates CS and performs command and control, identification, tracking and weapon engagements. 

In addition, the TDL’s provide the frigates with sophisticated ship-to-ship data exchange as well as with both extended range surveillance capability (AEW) and extended range engagement capability through control of the Gripen fighter.

The two (2) Saab CEROS 200 radar and optronic tracking systems and the EOS 500 optronic tracking system are the core of the frigates fire control capability and are fully integrated with the small and large calibre guns as well as the Surface to Surface (SSM) and Surface to Air (SAM) Missile systems providing unprecedented self defence capabilities against all modern symmetric and asymmetric threats.

AMB 3D radar (photo : Saab Group)

The 2 900 tonnes Naresuan Class frigates will after modernization be equipped with the Saab 9LV Mk4 CMS, FCS, SG AMB 3D radar, TDL’s, a retained long range air surveillance radar, a new sonar system and a new ESM system. The 120m long frigates with a beam of 13m are capable of carrying a crew of 150 and feature a comprehensive suite of weapons including one Mk45 Mod2 5” gun, two 30mm guns, two Mk32 Mod5 triple tube torpedo launchers, eight RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles, one Mk41 Vertical Launch System for anti-air Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles and a 48 tubes decoy system.

Following the contracts for modernization of the H.T.M.S. Naresuan Class frigates Saab was also awarded a contract to upgrade the CMS on the Royal Thai Navy Aircraft Carrier H.T.M.S. Chakrinaruebet. The Aircraft Carrier is fitted with the latest generation CMS, the Saab 9LV Mk4 as well as with the same suite of TDL’s fitted on the H.T.M.S. Naresuan Class frigates.

In 2013 Saab signed a contract with Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) in Korea, for delivery of the core part of the CS for a new frigate for the Royal Thai Navy. The order includes delivery of the Saab 9LV Mk4 CMS, FCS and radar systems as well as responsibility for procurement of several third party elements of the CS. Saab is also the Combat System Integrator for the DSME frigate with responsibility for integration of the complete CS.


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