25 Juli 2014

Lockheed Interested to Turn PAF C-130s Into Maritime Patrols

25 Juli 2014

The Sea Hercules internal arrangements and mission endurance. Images Lochkeed Martin, text is mine (image : ukarmedforcescommentary)

One week old Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff disclosed United Stated will be giving the Philippine Air Force two Lockheed C-130 “Hercules” planes.

“I just talked to our US counterparts, they told us they are making available another two C-130s to address our humanitarian assistance disaster relief concerns,” the AFP Chief said.

Currently, the Air Force has three operational C-130s that are being used heavily during relief operations.

On the other news, the Department of National Defense is looking to procure two long-range patrol aircraft. Lockheed Martin, is offering to turn Philippine Air Force’s C-130s into maritime patrol aircraft by fitting them with surveillance systems. If this contract pushes through, only half of DND’s allocated budget will be spent.

“Now is the time to get these sales—to make sure you get those future sales over the next 15 years,” a representative from Lockheed said. “If we don’t get in now, then a Korea or an Israel certainly will.”


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