18 Juli 2014

Vietnam will Get 2 More DHC-6 Seaplane

18 Juli 2014

Pair seaplane DHC-6-400 Guardian last IKHANA company recently completed fabrication and is expected to be handed over to Vietnam this year. (photo : Ikhana)

Vietnamese Naval Aviation will continue to receive retrofitted 2 seaplane DHC-6 Twin Otter at the end of this summer, according to the company's announcement aircraft IKHANA Services (Canada) said on 15 / 7.

Accordingly, IKHANA with Viking Air Ltd. and ELTA Systems company (ELTA) of Israel has completed the handover seaplane DHC-6 Twin Otter -400 variant of the first naval patrols (aka Guardian 400) for Navy Vietnam.

"IKHANA very proud of Viking Systems Integrator program provides seaplane DHC-6 Navy Vietnam," said John Zublin, CEO IKHANA said.

In addition, senior officials of IKHANA also adds that his company has completed improvements pairs patrol aircraft and versatile aircraft DHC-6-400 by the last Guardian Air Virking processing company created to provide Navy Vietnam, marking the completion of a fleet of fixed-wing patrol first modern nation on the shores of the South China Sea.

Close-seaplane-DHC 6-400 Twin Otter monitoring naval variant is the first Navy IKHANA give Vietnam a few months ago. It can be seen, under the nose of the aircraft is equipped with an integrated optical sensor radar - Power - IR by the Israeli company Elta production. (photo : Ikhana)

Six DHC-6-400 will be the first aircraft to patrol the West produced for the Army in Vietnam and was put on the payroll Brigade Naval Aviation 954 , with 3 units are configured for the task 3 maritime patrol and the rest is equipped with versatile, VIP transportation and cargo.

According to the website Ttwinotterspotter.blogspot.com, IKHANA units shall be integrated search radar system mounted under the nose of the aircraft DHC-6-400. Radar is an integrated optical sensor - Power - IR by the Israeli company Elta development.

Section interior has also been modified with a console and seat can be adjusted to operate the system staff, observation window is designed in a "bubble" to increase their visibility, as well as the kitchen, massage chairs and toilets. The DHC-6 hovercraft in Vietnam in mixed configurations with buoys and supply tires by IKHANA and able to withstand loads up to 6.4 tons.


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