15 Juli 2014

US Confirms F-16 Servicing Schedule

15 Juli 2014

LOCKHEED MARTIN Corporation hired TAI to become SUB-CONTRACTORS to proceed F-16 Mid-Life Updated Project. (photo : TAI)

US Ambassador Kristie Kenney met Thai air force chief ACM Prajin Juntong in Bangkok on Thursday evening and confirmed Washington would go ahead with a service update for some of Thailand's F-16 fighter jets.

Air force spokesman AM Monthol Satchukorn said Mrs Kenney paid a courtesy call on ACM Prajin and discussed economic cooperation between Thailand and the US. The air chief marshall is the deputy chief of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) which staged the May 22 coup and ended the Yingluck Shinawatra government. 

Mrs Kenney said Thailand and the US had had good relations for a long time and the US valued the long-standing economic ties between both countries because American companies had huge investments in Thailand. 

The ambassador said she understood the human trafficking situation involving Thailand because the country was a transit point for the crime. 

She confirmed that relations between Thailand and the US were continuing smoothly, especially those concerning the Thai air force. 

She confirmed the US's mid-life update service for the air force's F-16 fighter jets that have been used for two decades. The air force possesses three F-16 fleets of 16 planes each and the confirmation from the US ambassador refers to Fleet 403 at Wing 4 in Takhli district of Nakhon Sawan province. 

ACM Prajin raised the service update in his discussion with the ambassador who agreed it would go ahead. 

ACM Prajin also discussed with the ambassador the NCPO's peace-keeping role and the three-phase road map to introduce true democracy in Thailand by next year. 

(Bangkok Post)

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