16 Juli 2014

RSAF Unveils 200 Squadron

16 Juli 2014
FPS-117 radar (photo : Lockheed Martin)

200 Squadron preparing new units set up to enhance the air defense capability first public

No. 200 Squadron in the Air Force air defense operations is regarded as "backbone", which was established since the early 1980s, has been playing to ensure that our air force will monitor the role of long-range air threats and, when necessary leadership to defuse the threat of other air units together.

Challenge to defend our airspace sovereignty increasingly complex, Singapore Air Force decided to establish a new air defense units to enhance the operational capability of air defense.

At the same time, the Air Force announced a presence for the first time about 30 years, but never disclosed the preparation of air defense units - the 200th Squadron.

No. 200 Squadron in the Air Force air defense operations is regarded as "central" (nerve centre), which was established since the early 1980s, has been playing to ensure that our air force will monitor the role of long-range air threat, and if necessary, other Air Force leaders units together to defuse the threat.

Air Force recently confirmed the existence of the newspaper's 200th Squadron, also revealed maintenance airspace sovereignty will be re-divided, including the establishment of 202 Squadron.

Air Force and Air Defense Operations Command (Air Defence and Operations Command, referred ADOC) is one of six Air Force Command, which consists of air detection and control groups (Air Surveillance and Control Group), combat control group (Air Operations Control Group) and air defense group (Air Defence Group) composed of three regiments.

Air detection and control group in charge of directing the 200th Squadron, 202 Squadron and 203 Squadron; combat control group responsible for planning air operations, such as sending troops overseas to participate in humanitarian relief, etc.; air defense mission was to provide ground-air defense of protection.

ADOC command (photo : coffeenbullets)

Proofreading the newspaper said, from the aircraft to the ground to air system, the operation of the Air Force Central interlocking devices on the head of the air Detective Chan Sung rights groups. After these three air defense units of the re-division of the work, to "let the air force, whether in time of peace or war, effectively directing and monitoring."

Sung rights, said: "Since 1980, 200 Squadron has been the core of our air defense units of the development process it is also in our air defense combat network, plays a pivotal role."

200 Squadron is responsible for air defense operations, mainly in real-time monitoring of our airspace if there is air threat. With the introduction of the new Air Force air defense equipment and technology, the Air Force realized the need for reorganization of air defense work. Sung pointed right reorganization allows the Air Force to better grasp the new air defense capability.

According to this understanding, since a couple of years ago, the Air Force began preparations for the establishment of 202 Squadron, it is expected to formally put into service before the end of the year. 202 Auxiliary Squadron 200 Squadron, perform real-time air defense missions.

Section 203 of the team returned to focus on the management of airspace, flight time and space in order to ensure safe and smooth traffic in our military. It must also cooperate with the Civil Aviation Authority, coordinating the use of increasingly crowded Changi Airport and Seletar Airport airspace over to facilitate military and civilian aircraft in flight.

Sung authority also said that some of the soldiers from the 200th Squadron 203 Squadron will assist responsible for matters related to defense cooperation between the five countries.

No. 200 Squadron was finally able to remove the "mystery", so the Air Force air defense preparation more transparent, but also to soldiers serving in the unit feel more for sure.

A squadron of anonymity 200th soldier said: "Now when family and friends ask me which one unit of service, I do not have to deliberately avoided, can proudly say that I come from the 200th Squadron."

Giraffe, small and low-altitude aircraft three-dimensional radar system (photo : xtemujin)

200 fighter squadron repeatedly to intercept suspicious "invasion" aircraft

As Singapore Air Force air defense mission execution core unit, the 200th Squadron has repeatedly successfully defend our airspace sovereignty.

Air Force recently asked to respond to this newspaper, the first public description of the results of the work achieved by the 200th Squadron.

Air Force investigation and the head of the control group, Colonel Chan Sung rights pointed out that section 200 Squadron has been a "core unit of China's air defense capability."

He said: "Apart from 2008 to intercept a Cessna (Cessna) event, the Air Force has repeatedly been found to react in a suspicious aircraft approaching our airspace."

Sung pointed right, the Air Force using a variety of equipment, to provide multi-level protection for our air defense. This includes the G550 AWACS can be monitored far to 250 nautical miles (ie 460 km) of FPS117 remote air defense radar systems, and monitoring of small and low-altitude aircraft "giraffe" three-dimensional radar system (Giraffe Agile Multiple Beam radar). 200 Squadron is based on this, to provide real-time air defense to protect our country.

In 2008 the Air Force has successfully intercept an unidentified aircraft broke into our airspace. The plane took off from Thailand, Australia registered Cessna (Cessna) small private planes intruded our airspace, resulting in our airspace closed for 50 minutes, 23 times a flight is affected. Air Force dispatched two F-16 fighter jets to intercept, forcing it to land at Changi Airport. Finally, an Australian driver was fined 5,000 yuan.


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