21 Juli 2014

Second DN-2000 Vessel will be Launch in November

21 Juli 2014

CSB 8002, the second DN-2000 vessel for Vietnamese Coast Guard (photo : Soha)

Assemble the "Heart" for ships CSB 8002

(Soha.vn) - After a period of complete superstructure, CSB 8002 vessel was brought up momentum, proceed to assemble the machinery to prepare for the ceremony to launch in November.

CSB 8002 class ships DN-2000 is closed from the start of 2012 by shipbuilder Song Thu (Autumn Song Corporation - Department of Defense) made ​​to its design Damen (Netherlands). After the dragon modules, the plant was urgently assembled the device in the cockpit.

According to Song Thu Company representative, will conduct immediate installation of electrical systems along the hull and 4 diesel electric propulsion C3516C manufactured by Caterpillar (USA) production. With four engines on the ship can reach a maximum speed of 21 knots / hour. All the equipment and technology used on ships are produced by the firm Damen, was imported under the supervision of experts Vietnam and the Netherlands.

All the basic parameters of CSB 8002 vessel similar to the "sister" CSB 8001 (marine police payroll for the 3, based in Vung Tau) are: length 90 m; 14 meters wide; stretch of water quantity 2,500 tons full load ...

According to Dutch experts, drawn from the experience of shipbuilding CSB 8001 as part of a helicopter flight deck that was short-Hong Ha shipbuilding company to additional processing parts. Therefore, the tail of the train parked CSB 8002 were made longer.

In addition, CSB 8002 vessel was painted a special coating. After launching, the ship will be staffing the Coast Guard Region 2 (closed at Ky Ha port, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam).


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