04 Juli 2014

Sulu Donates Speedboat to Marines

04 Juli 2014

Malaysian made speedboat for PMC donated by Government of Sulu (photo : provice of Sulu)

THE Second Marine Brigade command has received a 32-footer speedboat from the Provincial Government of Sulu, a top military official said Friday.

The 600-horsepower speedboat, which is powered by three outboard motors, is a Malaysian-made watercraft.

“This is a welcome move by the provincial government, a manifestation of the strong partnership and collaboration of the local government and the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” Second Marine Brigade commander Brigadier General Martin Pinto said.

Pinto said the speedboat as capable of conducting maritime patrols to intercept and apprehend lawless elements engaged in illegal activities particularly to the series of kidnapping activities within the area of responsibility of his command.

He said the speedboat will enhance their capability in maritime law enforcement operations within the waters of Sulu and nearby island municipalities. 


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