21 Juli 2014

Russia Offers Radar and Missiles to Philippines

21 Juli 2014

Russia could consider offering to the Philippines include “supplies of radar stations and means of intercepting and destruction of violators.” (photo : Wiki)

Russia offers radars to track incursions in PH borders

Russia is currently negotiating an agreement of technical military cooperation with the Philippines amid brewing tensions in the West Philippine Sea.

“We fully understand the problems the Philippines has to face with its huge maritime border,” the visiting Deputy Director of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, Konstantin Biryulin, told Manila Bulletin in an exclusive interview Friday. “We have similar problems in Russia and we know how to tackle them. That’s why we have a proposal regarding equipments which could help in controlling those areas.”

Aside from finding ways to improve economic cooperation and further develop Russian-Philippine relations, Biryulin said one of the purposes of his visit is to negotiate military technical cooperation with the Department of National Defense (DND).  Such cooperation may include, in particular, Russian sale of military hardware.

“Unfortunately our attempt has not yet brought any fruitful and desirable result,” he noted. Russia has in fact earlier bidded for the supply of fighter jets to the Philippines, a contract bagged by a Korean firm.

According to Biryulin, both sides have agreed to hold another round of consultations on military cooperation in Russia so that they could “adjust our position.”

“We need to consider the opinion of different Russian agencies because the scope of responsibilities of your DND is much wider than the Russian ministry of defense,” he pointed out. “Because here for example, you also tackle the issue of emergency response.”

“That’s why we need to seek advice of the Russian ministry of emergencies,” added Biryulin. “As soon as we get back, we will proceed with the consultations with the various agencies, in one to two months we will send our feedback to Philippines.”

He said military equipment that Russia could consider offering to the Philippines include “supplies of radar stations and means of intercepting and destruction of violators.”

With regards to technical characteristics, the Russian equipment is “in full accordance with western standards,” the Russian official said.

“Our producers are flexible in adjusting productions that can easily meet their requirements.”

(Manila Bulletin)

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