05 September 2015

The Royal Thai Navy Launched M58 Patrol Gun Boat

05 September 2015

 HTMS Leamsing 561 (photo : Royal Thai Navy)

The Royal Thai Navy launched its newly-build M58 patrol gun boat the HTMS Leamsing on 25 Aug 2015 at Naval Dockyard in Bangkok. 

The M58 is armed with a 76mm Oto Melara (compact variant) main gun, one 30mm cannon from MSI Defence and two .50 cal machine guns. 

M58 patrol gun boat class (image : Marsun Co Ltd)

The fire control will be Thales MIRADOR which was controlled by Thales TATICOS combat suite. Elbit's Compass EO / IR will also be installed. The boat will completed the sea trial next year and will be commissioned in patrol fleet.

HTMS Leamsing has a length of 58 meters and width of 9.30 meters, displacement of 520 tons and a maximum speed of 23 knots, an operating distance of not less than 2500 nautical miles and durable sea conditions up to sea level 4 (Sea State 4). 

Huahin class patrol boat of the Royal Thai Navy (photo : shipbucket)

This new class of Patrol Boat is expected to replace Huahin class ships: HTMS Huahin (541), HTMS Klang (542) and HTMS Sriracha (543), which were built by Asian Marine Services and Royal Thai Naval Dockyard.

According to the Navy's Strategic Plan 2008 – 2017 Royal Thai Navy will add this series with another three boat.

(Defense Studies)

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  1. I'm surprised as it states sea state 4 I thought being that big it could operate in sea state 5 just look at the Thai Navy patrol boat Tor 111 at 120 tons it can operate in sea stat 5