16 April 2016

Philippine Navy Retires Aguinaldo, Conrado Yap-class Patrol Craft

15 April 2016

BRP Emilio Aguinaldo PG-140 (photo : pdff)

The Philippine Navy (PN) has decommissioned two patrol craft, the service's office of public affairs confirmed with IHS Jane's on 14 April.

The vessels are the 44 m Aguinaldo-class patrol craft BRP Antonio Luna (PG 141), and the 25.5 m Conrado Yap (Sea Hawk/Killer)-class coastal patrol craft BRP Apollo Tiano (PG 851). The vessels were retired in a decommissioning ceremony on 8 April.

According to IHS Jane's Fighting Ships , Antonio Luna was commissioned in May 1999 while Apollo Tiano was an ex-Republic of Korea Navy patrol vessel that was transferred to the Philippines in 1993. The weapons fit for both vessels included the Bofors 40 mm gun as main weapons, complemented by four 7.62 mm machine guns.


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