27 April 2016

Royal Thai Navy Receives Two New H145M Military Helicopters

27 April 2016

Royal Thai Navy H145M (previously known as the EC645) (photo : Airbus Helicopters)

The Royal Thai Navy receives two new H145M (previously known as the EC645) military helicopters.

The Royal Thai Navy signed for five H145Ms to be deployed on transport duties and other missions, with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2016. Its purchase represents the first export order of this militarized version of the EC145 T2, which is the newest and most powerful model in Airbus Helicopters’ proven EC145 light twin-engine helicopter family.

The H145M is equipped with a modern digital glass cockpit, night vision goggle compatability, and Airbus Helicopters’ advanced Helionix® avionics suite with a 4-axis digital autopilot.

Enhancements include an upgraded transmission system and incorporation of Airbus Helicopters’ signature Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor for improved anti-torque control.

For armed operations, the rotorcraft carries a mission computer, two rigid multi-purpose armament pylons that are easily removable, an infrared/TV electro-optical system, and a laser range-finder/designator/pointer. With its open system architecture, this innovative weapon system contributes to full situational awareness for the crew.


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