01 April 2016

Philippines Looking into Forming a Submarine Force

01 April 2016

PHL is now looking on the possibility of forming a submarine force (photo : captainpark)

The Philippines is now looking on the possibility of forming a submarine force, amid the growing tension in West Philippine Sea and China’s aggressiveness, to strengthen the Armed Force of the Philippines’ self defense capabilities. This was revealed by President Benigno Aquino III during the opening ceremony of Publish Asia 2016 at Manila Hotel.

Publish Asia is an annual meeting place for the Asian newspaper and news publishing industry. More than 300 media executives from over 30 different countries are in Manila until March 31.

“We’ve had to accelerate the modernization of our armed forces for self-defense needs,” President Aquino said in the forum where he delivered an opening speech.

He said that Philippines is a natural transit point into the Pacific and a study if the country needs a submarine force is currently being done.

However, the President said the Philippines is still focused on providing food security.

“We have no illusions of ever trying to match or trying to engage anybody in an arms race or military buildup. We would rather devote our resources to the classical economic – the butter side rather than gun side,” he said.


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